What's wrong with my new caviar classic flap?

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  1. Hi everyone. I just got a medium classic flap in black caviar from Chanel today. I was super excited about it until I got home and noticed these line impressions on the leather across the width of the bag. (pictures attached) The lines are both on the inside where the flap meets the front (right above the lock), as well as on the back of the bag across the center. They are very faint lines but still noticeable. My guess is that it was stored/shipped and squished next to another classic flap that left an impression in the leather.

    Anyway, am I overreacting or do you see it too? Has anyone seen anything like this? If so, does it go away with use? Or is the bag defective and should I just bring it back to the store?

    Would love to get some feedback from some experienced Chanel owners on here! Thanks!

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  2. hmmm, I see what you mean. I would take it back and see if they can locate a different one for you. I once hung a washed caviar bag on my stroller and it accidentally touched the stroller wheel as it was moving - it sort of flattened the caviar impressions on the bag and it can't be fixed -sort of looks like the marks on your bag (obviously I do not think it was from the same type of situation!) since you just bought it, I would take it back! good luck!
  3. I definitely see it! I am so sorry this happened to your new bag! I haven't had experience with this myself. But, I think I would take it back ASAP. I new bag shouldn't have this....
  4. Not normal. I would exchange for another one. GL!
  5. Beautiful bag, my dream!! I would take it back as it will just annoy you each time you look at her. Xoxo
  6. That is sooo very annoying since it is noticeable.... definately need an exchange :smile:
  7. Like the rest said, definitely exchange it.
  8. I would not be happy. Please do exchange
  9. How disappointing, I would definitely exchange it as it is quite noticeable
    Hope all works out for you.
  10. Sorry it's ruining your new bag excitement but at least you can exchange it for a non-defective one. You should definitely bring it back.
  11. It looks like a mark on the leather from the flap. You may want to go back to the store and see if they have one with less noticeable marks. It can be difficult to find a 'perfect' one. Good luck!
  12. Very unfortunate but at least you noticed it early and can exchange it
  13. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Sounds like the unanimous response is that this is not normal and that I should bring it back. I'm going to go to Chanel in a little bit. I just hope they have another one I can exchange it for!
  14. I can see it! I would take it back that would drive me insane
  15. When most people post "issues" with bags, my opinion (which I keep to myself usually) is that it's no big deal. These marks, however, would bother me.