What's wrong with my Mono Lin Speedy?

  1. My new mono lin speedy arrived today!! Happy I am. But not so happy b/c the fabric is pilling? Like what you would see on a sweater, but its happening to this bag!! It looks like pilling or snags, I dont know! :sad: Is that the nature of the fabric?? HELP!! Has anyone experienced this?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Its linen, linen does that.

    Congrat's on your new bag.
  3. :yes: yep it does, but it's sucah a :heart: -ly bag thoo:wlae:
    :yahoo: congratzzz btw hahaha:love:
  4. Thanks, I guess it's something I'll have to deal with!
  5. it's pilling already? woah
  6. Send it back????
  7. I think it's normal. Such a beautiful bag - congrats.
  8. well how did it snag? did it come in the box like that? if so you should return it. However, if it's caused by you, then keep it.
  9. Yeah unfortunately that's going to happen no matter what..if you send it back now, you'll just get one that will pill up eventually. So I guess either deal with the pills now or get a new one and have it pill up in a few months...that's the one thing holding me back from getting anything mini lin.
    But congrats on the bag!
  10. ooh thats what I dont like about the mini lin, I almost bought a bucket last month, but it had some runs and pulls, that turned me off... but its a very gorgoeus bag though... maybe you could ask help from the sa, they must have some sorta "spray" to avoid or lessen the pilling? IDK
  11. Linen has natural little "pulls" or "snags". this will NOT multiply, worsen, grow. thats just how linen really is. its a natural fabric. my mini lin had this when i purchased it but it DID NOT get any worse or get more "pulls". Its still the same as the day I bought it. dont worry about it, its normal and trust me...it will not get any worse....its a very durable bag....

    Congrats by the way....
  12. ^^Good to know. Thanks for letting us know that it doesn't get any worse. I think I'd be more willing to buy a mini lin bag now.
  13. ^^ No prob! I was wondering about this too before i made the purchase. like my SA said "if you have a linen shirt look at it..it also has those little snags but the fabric itself doesnt snag. linen is actually a very durable fabric. I love my mini lin speedy:love:
  14. :yes: ITA and that's what my SA told me.
  15. I don't know if this is something you would want to use on your bag, and do wait for others' advice, but they do have "sweater stones". These are pumice stones shaped so that when you run them over fabric, they remove pills and refresh the fabric. I know they are nice for sweaters and other clothing, but I have no idea if they are advisable for bags. If anything, I would only use it if the pilling gets worse somewhere down the road.