What's Wrong With my Macbook?

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  1. What can possibly be happening to my laptop? It's burning hot to the touch and it smells like burning plastic.:crybaby:
  2. It's a known problem with the Macbooks. Google "hot macbook," you will find lots of entries.....
  3. :shrugs: We mac owners always have scorched thighs.
  4. Sounds like the fan is not working properly to cool it down.
  5. yeah the heat thing's pretty normal. but it shouldn't smell of plastic :wtf: , unless your couch is plastic of course.. macbooks on naked thighs aren't a good combination!
  6. Naked thighs??? My powerbook burns through jeans!! Akkk, it really isn't a good idea for any elactrical device to be sitting on your body, but it's even worse when it's a furnace like the Macs. I wouldn't have any other though...I :love: :heart: :love: my macs.
    Burning plastic smell? sounds like you should have it checked.
  7. Turn it off for a little while and let it cool down. If that doesn't work, take it in.
  8. never put it on fabric/cloth surface when it's working. keep it in cold temperature when working... and it's a good idea to put a book or something under the back side of the laptop, so all the bottom surface don't touch the ground, and it helps to be cooler.
  9. Thanks Gals.
    Last night I turned it off for about 2 hours then restarted it and it seems to be working properly now. It doesnt feel hot anymore and it doesnt smell.:flowers:
  10. umm yeah... and i've been known to keep it in my bed :shame: but i've stopped now..

    it's on my lap now though, i'm wearing leggings and a mini dress and it's not hot at all, just comfortably warm.

    my powerbook was never hot at all though!
  11. My ibook sometimes does that. i turn it off, let it cool off for half hour and I am back on it. I think the heat wave might also have something to do with it, since the air around it isn't cool enough to help keep it cool.

    Wouldn't have any other computer but a mac!!
  12. Don't ever leave your Macbook on the bed... just don't! Use it on a flat solid surface, so that the bottom has room to vent off the heat.
  13. i always leave my ibook on the couch.. ive never had a problem with it overheating.. sometimes i can hear the fan working but thats very rarely.. only if ive had it on for hours...
  14. overheat? i heard macbook becomes REALLY hot. try to bring it in apple center and let them check it. don't forget to bring the receipt for the warranty:smile:
  15. Can you spray out the fan with pressurized air?