What's wrong with my handles?

  1. I keep my LV bags in the box they came in in my closet. I was in a hurry the last time I was changing bags so I just threw it in the box without the dust cover and forgot about it. Last night I was going to put another one away and then I remembered my MC speedy didn't have a cover on it so I picked it up and noticed there was like a white powdery substance on the handles and they felt damp to touch. It wasn't damp when I put it in so I thought it was strange. The powder came right off. Any idea what could cause this? It's never happened before. I checked my other bags and they were fine. Should I not store them in the box anymore?
  2. I dunno, do you live in a cave??
  3. :roflmfao:
    Maybe your hand was dirty when you held it the last time before putting it in the box?
  4. Err, is it sort of damp where you are or humid? I'm thinking it might be -shudder- mold!!! :shocked: If your closet is dark and your bags don't get to breathe, this could happen.

  5. It is not suggested that you store your LV's in the box. You are supposed to store them in the dust bags only. The leather has to breathe. :flowers:
  6. oo scary!
  7. Very true. The leather does have to breath. Storing them in the box doesn't allow the bag to get air like storing them in the db would.
  8. I don't know what may cause it, but next time put your bags only in the dustcover! They nned to breath. I agree with the other ladies, the leather needs to breath.
  9. omigosh! i dunno!
  10. Perhaps your speedy has a cocaine habit?

    LOL, seriously though, just don't store it in the box, it was probably from being in a dark place away from air.
  11. sounds like dust to me.
  12. You could get some cedar blocks, available at most target's, Wal-mart's etc. They will be in the home section, and are an alternative to mothballs for keeping stored away clothing and bags fresh and dry.
  13. I live in FL so it is humid here. I'll pick up some cedar blocks and take them out of the box. I wonder if it can be my lotion? I have dry cracked hands from eczema and have to use Eucerin lotion several times a day. On second thought maybe not because I always use lotion and it's only happened to one. Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions.
  14. what should i do with the boxes if i should only store them in the dust bag? the boxes make storage so much easier and neater!
  15. :nuts: SO funny:roflmfao: