what's wrong with my DH???!!! presenting another birkin....

  1. when i told DH of the 35cm black togo GH birkin that was up for grabs, not only did he say "do u want it? u can have that as ur valentine's present" (hello...this is coming from mr. i believe in only giving jewelry for vday/annies) but he also offered to go to the store to get it with me today!!! and yet another surprise from him while we were in the store....."do u wanna check out that wallet??" (i had pointed out a beautiful vermillion chevre GH bearn in the showcase)!!!!! HUH???!!! OMG!!! :nuts: :nuts: H*LL YEAH!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: (like i'm going to turn that one down either!!)

    this is sooooo odd i tell ya. we were also on our way to meet our builder to discuss how we've gone waaaay over our budget already in building our new house. how we needed to minimize costs in certain areas so that we don't have to sacrifice on the more important upgrades (need shopmom's dream walk-in closet with the chandelier and all!! :yes: ). so just think how shocked and a bit confused i was when all this happened!! :shrugs: actually, i've been feeling kinda down since yesterday so maybe he was trying to cheer me up. (moviegirl, u might have an idea why...:crybaby: )

    ok, whatever right?? no complaining here from moi! hehehe

    thanks again for letting me share yet another H/DH excitement with all u H lovies...:love:
    blkbirkin1.jpg blkbirkin2.jpg
  2. PBC!:nuts: OMG!!! That is SO NICE of your DH!!! CONGRATS!!! Both are GORGEOUS!!! Wear your new bag (and wallet) in the best of health!!!:love:
  3. whoa PBC!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are beautiful!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    what a sweet sweet DH you have!!!!!
  4. OH- MY - GOODNESS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Your DH is awesome! LOVE both these babies--you can't go wrong with Black Togo and Vermillion Chevre. SO happy for you PBC! Oooh...more great modeling pix of PBC in the action thread! :wlae:
  5. OO:huh: That's so nice of DH. Usually they surprise you at the most unexpected time :smile: Congrats!
  6. We want modeling shots!!!!
  7. Congratulations!!! Your DH is definitely a keeper!!!
  8. Beautiful new goodies!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. WOW WOW WOW! PBC you are one lucky woman!
  10. Now THAT makes for a fabulous day! What a sweet Dh you have!
  11. WOW!!! Very nice of your DH! You lucky woman!!! :nuts: :yahoo:

    Congratulations!!! :party: :party: :party:
  12. Swooooon (why do we not an a faint smilie????)!!!!!!!

    I LOVE it! Congrats!
  13. oh my gosh..what a gem of a DH...keeper!! beautiful H treasures!!!!!!!!!!!:party:
  14. Your DH is sooo sweet PBC!!! Love the new additions! Can't wait to see pics in the Action Thread - lol.
  15. I wish my dh have something "wrong" with him, just like your dh.