What's wrong with my chain?? (caviar jumbo flap)

  1. I bought this in December and only carried it twice since. I've been very careful with it.

    The other day I noticed something weird with the chain.. One of the links has opened and now it looks weird and not like the rest of the chain. I'm attaching pictures and hope they make sense.. What can I do? There is no Chanel here in Qatar, only in Dubai so I can't take it to the boutique. I paid over $2500 for this and it's already messed up? This can't be right. Can I return it or should they fix it? Any help will be appreciated..





    IMG_5237 (Small).jpg IMG_5240 (Small).jpg IMG_5241 (Small).jpg IMG_5242 (Small).jpg IMG_5249 (Small).jpg
  2. Oh, that is upsetting!
    Can you ship it to Dubai? I would not carry that again, not until it's fixed.
    I'm so sorry this happened!
  3. yikes! the link's mouth is 'opened' lol, that was exactly what had happened to the 4 links holding onto the handles of my cabas! i sent it back to the chanel boutique and got them fixed under warranty so it was FOC. you should bring it back to the boutique (ask someone to help you or send it there OR bring it to a bag boutique that could help you..) and get them to fix it! never DIY!

  4. thanks so they should fix it for free right? then i guess i will call them and tell them what happened and ask if it's okay i ship to them.

    also what's DIY?
  5. omg, i noticed the same thing on my brand new white jumbo flap!
  6. DIY is Do It Yourself and I totally agree with ladydeluxe. Chanel should be able to replace the link or the chain at no cost to you. I'm sure you can ship to the Dubai boutique, just call them in advance. Good luck!
  7. ^ yep! onyxbear got it right! DIY means Do It Yourself.

    anyhooo, call the dubai boutique and let them know what has happened to your bag (also give them a gentle reminder that you would like your bag to return in the exact condition you send it but of course with the chain fixed). make sure you take down the authenticity # and remove all authenticity cards/tags that came with your bag just in case they go missing. there have been cases where the tags/cards went missing after sending them for repair. also, don't forget to request them to issue you a receipt or email in black and white (noting that they have received the bag for repair and how long it'll take.. etc), just in case any dispute happens (hope not!!). send the bag to them via registered postage so you're able to track it and make sure it goes to the boutique.

    good luck!! hope i've helped and that it'll turn out fine!
  8. thanks girls for your help :smile:

    i called the boutique there and they said if it has anything to do with the link and not only leather then they should send it to paris to be fixed and it could take 3-6 months and i would have to pay for insurance and something else which i forgot. i told her there is no way i will do that and wait that long. i had just bought it recently and still haven't had the chance to use it and i didn't pay that much money to have the bag be sent away for 6 months!

    so she asked hows the condtion of bag and i said like new, you can't tell i've used it as it was only twice for very little. she said they might be able to do an exchange for a brand new one with no problems. she said she would call back tomorrow after she has spoken to the manager and let me know if that's possible. so i'm crossing my fingers! :smile:
  9. ^ all the best!! i hope it'll work out. the boutique here used to send bags to Paris to fix but the costs were so high and they took too long that the boutique hired tailors locally to fix our chanel bags (workmanship is certified, according to my local SA) and it only took 1 week to get my chains fixed!
  10. It looks as though when the link opened, it also twisted. You probably could DIY, but the point is, you shouldn't HAVE to, KWIM? Good luck and I hope it all works out in your favor. :smile:
  11. Good Luck! Considering your situation, I really hope they exchange the bag for brand new one. It would really stink if you had to wait 3-6 months for repair of your new bag!
  12. eeewww take it back. this is not acceptable.

    i think any bags bought within one year and there is a fault they should be exchange it for a brand new one. not ask customers to wait 3-6 months for repair.

    good luck anyway
  13. I had to have this same problem fixed with my white Chanel expandable flap. I think it only took 1 month for repair, but that was in the US. I hope they can exchange it for you. But as said above, make sure you take out insurance & tracking on any bag you ship.

    Good Luck - this just shouldn't happen :tdown:
  14. I hope you get a brand new bag.. please keep us posted!
  15. I hope you get a brand new one. If you have only carried it twice, I am assuming that you haven't had it long at all... Good luck! Keep us updated.