whats wrong with me?


Sep 26, 2006
okay - after much frustration trying to find a pair of jeans long enough for me - at 5'9", i prefer my jeans super long and to drag, that way when i wear heels they still touch the ground - i've about had enough. with a closet stocked full of 18th amendment, true religion, j brand, and earnest sewn to name a few, i've grown tired of the tedious search for a 36" inseam. when true religion was making the 36's, i was in heaven. but they discontinued those at least a year ago. so here's my problem - victoria's secret carries jeans with the 36" inseam i crave. but, with a $50 price tag, something keeps telling me they're not good enough. i'v paid over $200 for a pair of jeans at a time, so for some reason it almost seems like because they're so cheap, they're not good enough. what do you ladies think? has anyone ever bought a pair from VS?
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Oct 4, 2007
aww its okk ahah nothing is "wrong" with you..
i ahve the same problem but mine is with purses
once your useto the designer stuff you just cant seem to let yourself use something thats not designer anymore!
but i think you should give the VS jeans a try
ive never tried them
but if they fit nicely, are long enough, and you like them
buying one pair to try wont kill : )
maybe you'll end up loving them just as much as your other ones
Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
^^^You can google, and find places online that sell them. I work part-time at a boutique here in Dallas that sells the line. Seriously...I love them!! Other brands that I like are True Religion, COH, etc... These are a totally different cut. They fit almost like a trouser...and are so flattering and comfortable!!


Jul 30, 2006
Bay Area, CA
try rock & republic. most of their jeans come with a 36" inseam standard. i have some that have come with 38"+ inseams. sucks for me because i only need 29"-31", so i always end up chopping off a lot. seven for all mankind comes with 34" standard, but they also have an "extra long" line which might work for you.

i haven't tried VS. once you go premium denim, you don't want to go back! i think it would be much more worthwhile to spend $200+ on jeans that you will love and wear, than $50 jeans that you just feel OK about.