what's wrong with me?

  1. i keep wanting more and more and more!!!!

    i can't stop thinking about the manhattan PM..but i splurged not too long ago!
    please stop me!! [​IMG]

    but part of me is a devil [​IMG]...sigh :push:

    i can't stop thinking about it! i can't even go to sleep!! i've never felt this way before!

    HELP. :sos:

    guess i'll have to dance around the apartment [​IMG] and make myself tired...or else i won't sleep at all tonight! :shrugs:
  2. LOL. I can't fall asleep either. Glad i have tPF to occupy my insomnia.
  3. but i swear i'm so tired..damn that manhattan PM.[​IMG]
  4. no- honestly I UNDERSTAND---------

    my obsessions need therapy and I am IN DIRE NEED OF everything in my signature!!!

    :sad: it's like my azur never happened! or my Ursula:sweatdrop:

    well- not really- but you get the point!!!
  5. gooooooooooooosh- I feel so shameful.... I just watched the Pursuit of Happyness!!!!
  6. I'm exhasuted as well. LV never really keeps me up but i do have wonderful sweet dreams abt it.
  7. ITA :yes: as much as i love my collection..i just need more!!! :hysteric:

    sigh, i think we need another

  8. You gals are making me laugh. Lovin these smilies.
  9. Would a support group include photos of current collection for FURTHER droooooling?!?!? If so............ here we go... in honor of my Ursula and Azur I underminded just a moment ago...




    I'm sorry~~~~:flowers: I just had to see them once more in forum.................

  10. ^----------- awwwwwwwwww- sweeet pochette hiding!
  11. and I shall never forget.......................


    I'd buy her even if I was the 100th owner.
  12. lol i knwo what you mean! I only discovered LV 1month ago and i already have a small but lovely collection. But now im like, ah i need a shoulder bag otherwise my life is not worth living, even though i have a fendi spy, I NEED an LV one. It is pretty scary actually but this forum is to blame as well! xx
  13. ahahah you are so funny!! i should join the group too!!
  14. Yeah, TPF is the devils playground. It's the cause of many sleepless nights wanting another bag.
  15. We all so KNOW your pain, lol. For me when I feel obsessed with a bag and loathing the wait aspect(right now I having to wait a YEAR to get my next bag, the black mc trouville), I just remind myself how fortunate(I'm sure you know you're fortunate, I'm just sharing that this is what I do) I am to have the bags I already have and how most people I spot with an LV, probably have just the one LV(can tell by all the patina and wear and tear) or none even, and that I already have some killer bags to enjoy. Believe it or not it does help. I look around irl and see that people are not collecting LV, life is not like tpf, so if you put yourself more in a generalized framework, you then realize you have a lot of bags already and the wait isn't as agonizing. A timeline also helps, where you have a date of purchase to look forward to and then you do a countdown. If all else fails, would you consider selling a bag you currently own to fund it? GL with your angst, been there myself, as have most of us!