What's wrong with me? I walked in, and around, and out...!

  1. ....of the Wailea boutique.... with nothing!

    Nope, not one solitary thing!

    Granted, I wanted to get something... right now I'm fighting the urge to go back and get that amarante ludlow I was snapping the snaps and surreptitiously sniffing as the SAs were distracted by a loverly blonde family whose little boy made a dash for the door with a beverly or was it a manhattan? (that still had the plastic on the handles!) on his arm....his mom also looked to be considering amarante rosewood & sunset... li'l boy laughed and stopped short as his called shrilly "M----, no! Get back here!" and swung the thing in a loop around his arm... he really was old enough to know better...

    ...the SAs smiled indulgently, but I bet were really thinking "just don't drop it & scratch the hardware ill-mannered brat!"

    Still, the smiling must've helped bc I saw them coming out later w/a big brown bag!

    but as for ME, I was in and out of the boutique in under five minutes!

    ...Does anyone else do the wandering walk-thru?
  2. Haha, you know I do that all the time, it's called exercise! LOL

    Go get the Ludlow it'll look FAB with Damier Sophie and you deserve a little treat!!!
  3. Sometimes you have to--- just to impress yourself with the rare, sudden bout of self control that comes over yourself!! Haha
  4. don't you just love to strangle the parents of such little brats? grrr....
  5. I wish I had your restraint....
    I go in the boutique just for a "looksie"...
    and an hour later I'm walking out, NOT empty-handed...

    I now try practising my "looksies" ONLINE !!!!
  6. I try not to buy anything when i go for a lookie at my boutique.
  7. Maybe you'll make up for it next time with a gigantic splurge. Start saving up now!
  8. I will think of this quote today.. will try to resist temptation for a change :s ;)
  9. Ohhhh I never could just look and not buy! Probably because I had to drive 2 hours to get there!

  10. Yep. If I'm going to spend train fare and cab fare to get there, I'd better come out with something!

    Good for you!
  11. Why are you fighting the urge to go back and get the Ludlow, that's what I can't figure out! :confused1:

    I often get home thinking "I should have got the ...". When that happens, I usually go back for it. Sometimes you just need time to think before you buy.
  12. Yes, I often go in and take a quick look around. But then I go home depressed. So much better to indulge and go home happy.
  13. same here I go with a list and wlk out with arm fuls well ok I walk out empty handed and BF walks out empty pocketed hehehehe
  14. yup. the sas laugh.
  15. from time to time..I would go to LV boutiques just to look around..or ask questions re: limited edition bags... stuff like that... I don't splurge or anything...