What's wrong with me??..I brought another Paddy home!!!

  1. So, I went to KohSamui to see if they had any BBags left...they said they had totally sold out, thanks to people from all over the world calling in to buy! They said word had spread about their sale via Purse Forum...it was so surreal to learn that my fellow P/F members had gotten there and bagged a great deal...so I felt a little bad, that I had missed out on their BBags but then as I was leaving the store I saw a Paddy Jeans Moyen sitting on the shelf!! You can guess what happened next, especially since it was 50% off and was £397!!! A real BARGAIN!!! Incase you are interested in buying one they only had gold paddies (mini size too) left I think, but they did have other Chloes on sale and i'm sure the SA said they were 50% off too...just call them and see what's left...well I am now going to be avoiding the shops for quite a while as I have totally binged on beautiful bags this last month!!
    Chloejeans.jpg Chloejeans2.jpg Chloejeans3.jpg
  2. ^ OH! wow! I love this color..congrats!
  3. Your bag is beautiful & congratulations on a great deal.
  4. That's a fantastic deal! Congrats!!!
  5. What a beautiful color as well. Congrats.
  6. It's gorgeous and you got an awesome deal. You were in the right place at the right time, great shopper!! :smile:
  7. That's such a pretty color and at such a great deal! No way to pass that up. Congrats on your new Paddy.
  8. wow that is so cheap! I never even thought of looking there!
  9. What a steal! Love the color too! Congratulations:biggrin:
  10. Thanks everyone! I guess you can never have too many paddies!! :roflmfao:
  11. Wow! That is beautiful! Looks very versatile - looks like it will go with just about anything - jeans, little black dress :graucho:

    Great purchase!
  12. That's one beautiful colour....congrats
  13. No, you can't!! I am already eyeing the ivory, grenat and mousse paddys. :love:
  14. Congrats, beautiful color & what a steal! :smile:
  15. What an awesome deal! No way to pass that up!