what's wrong with me? help SOS!!!

  1. u guys won't believe it..

    im looking at monogram bags again :wtf:

    remember my debate about my own graduation :yahoo: present for myself?

    and that im waitlisted for the hampstead PM?

    what is now wrong with me???? im looking at the lockit PM and the regular batignolles...

    what's wrong with me again?? i hate vachetta, don't i?? how can i get the lockit PM and the batig??


    i know i'll have to try the lockit PM on to make sure it's not too "long" for me...and if the hampstead doesn't work out i'll get myself the batignolles...

    and now i'm thinking of either getting:
    1) hampstead PM and lockit PM
    2) batignolles and lockit PM
    3) hampstead PM and roxbury drive (but i'd hate it if my vachetta darkened because i don't like dark vachetta and vernis)
    4) hampstead PM and a vernis accessory (was thinking of the ludlow, but it's so small!!!!!)

    what's wrong with me :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I guess you already have all great Damier bags :graucho:
    Nothing wrong w/ you... ppl change and that's good :yes:
  3. which combination should i get?
  4. :sos::sos::sos::sos::sos:
  5. i say, BH and lockit
  6. I think that its perfectly fine....I think that variety is really a great thing in the long run....

    As for the combos...Id say wait and try everything out when the new Damiers come out to be sure....but Im not feeling those new styles b/c of those darn plate things...:yucky:
  7. Yeah I'd go with the BH and the Lockit.
  8. sophiae, lvbabydoll: this is just for the regular batignolles.
    bagluvluv: i guess i'll just have to see..thanks though
  9. it's so easy to fall back in Mono simply b/c the amazing choices they offer. I'd go w/#3, may be something Damier or MC Trouville instead of batigonlles, and Perle Roxy(still looks good aft patina)/Pomme Roxy(sexy next to naked vachetta, not so sure about after patina).

    ps, John did a photoshop pix for me for both Perle and Pomme Roxy w/patina, do a search and you might find it.
  10. ^^ perle sounds really good...but wouldn't color transfer be more evident?
  11. my pink lexington has been great to me since i got her 3~4 years ago. I try not to expose it under the sun too much and wipe down after every use w/those car towels. I know Chanel reglaze their bags but not sure about LV?