What's Wrong With Heatherette?

  1. So ever since Richie Rich and Trevor Rains combined to form Heatherette a few years ago, they have been among my favorite designers. Their clothes are always unique, fun, and funky. But their fashion week show this year was just bizarre. Like Willy Wonka level bizarre. Just more and more funky weirdness kept streaming down the runway. So much so that I couldn hardly find a single item I would wear anywhere except MAYBE a costume party. A whole section of the show looked like a series of costumes assembled for a production of "The Wizard of Oz ... on Acid." Seriously, you HAVE to check this out. I am so disappointed and confused. I wish I could describe this all better but I have no words.

    Oh, and as for what's wrong with the designers, my first thought was crack but that's a serious allegation and I am not sure that crack could possibly be entirely to blame for all this.

    Heatherette - Heatherette - Fall 2007 Collection



  2. uh, my guess would be cocaine.
  3. I find designers go through fazes. Sometimes I love their collections certain seasons I hate them. I think it all depends on what "inspires' them but if they are smart I find they snap out of it pretty quickly when sales start to plummit.
  4. I see what you mean about Heatherette. What happened to all the pink and purple and glitter!?
    :girlsigh: :tender: :cutesy:
  5. Oh my God. The first outfit?! My God. And the model's carrying a dog? WHAT? The last male model looks like the tin man from the wizard of oz!!
  6. I go to all of their shows. and i have never figured out how they stay in business. Each year their collection gets weirder and more unwearable.
  7. Ugh... reminds me of Zoolander, or something...
    Sad, 'cause I loved Heatherette too...
  8. [​IMG]

    Amanda Lepore sure looks hawt as Glinda, though! :cutesy:
  9. ugh.
  10. you should see the back of that outfit, your image of the tin man will never be the same!

    "It's empty. The tinsmith forgot to give me a heart. All hollow."

    is now

    "It's empty. The Heatherette forgot to give me a back pocket. All ass crack."

    This deisgner is really a waste of tent time and space.
  11. Wow... crazy stuff!!!
  12. I LOVED Heathette's Living Dolls collection. I got the Care Bear shirt, the pink unicorn one and the sweater with the popsicles on it. I also have the little pink Care Bear with the Harlequin Amanda Lepore logo on the bear's tummy and I love the Kid Robot figures.
    Ever since then though, I've been less than wow-ed. I think it had to do with them making a cheaper line for Macy's. I haven't found a THING I like.
  13. Hilarious.
  14. Hahahaha....
    This just made my day! But ya, I've never really liked heatherette they had some cute dresses but that's it... I can't really see anyone except for rich teen girls wearing their stuff
  15. I think they look like outfits left over from their club kids days. They are trying to put on a show, not really try to sell clothes imo.