whats wrong with eluxury??

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  1. i cant get onto the site and i was wondering if anyone else is having this problem
  2. I know they were updating the site on Sunday - maybe they're having problems with it?
  3. The site has been up and down for me, they must be making some updates? :confused1:
  4. I just tried logging in and no problems here..
  5. nothing it just worked for me
  6. It will not work on my comp. But i am useing an apple.
  7. I had problems all weekend, finally got in today, but some pictures are skewed or not even showing up. I've spoken to some agents and they said there system is slow due to recent updates. My hubby thinks they got hacked into:shrugs::shrugs: ... hope not!
  8. I have been trying to get on all day - but I keep getting error messages. Even when I tried to access the site from LouisVuitton.com I get error message.
  9. I've been trying to get on since last Sat. with no luck.
  10. As of last night, I was finally able to access the site, but many pictures were not available.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.