Whats wrong with ebay?! Selling limit! I cant sell anything!!

  1. I don't know whats going on with eBay, I used to sell a lot with no problems. I have almost 200 feedbacks with a good chunk from selling, all 100% positive. I have not sold anything for months, almost 6 months to be exact. I just tried to list... don't laugh ladies.. but tiffany bags on eBay as I saw they were selling and I dont have much of a need for them but eBay won't let me. They took down my listing and told me about infringement. They also said I have reached my selling limit for 7 days but I have NOTHING up for sale. What is going on?? I have never sold anythign fake. :sad:
  2. I've the similiar problem, too. They'll count as selling if you listed 3 items per week although they pulled your listing, they still count as you list your items and reach the limit.

    You'll be able to list again after 7 days from your first listed. May you can contact: moreinfo@ebay.com
  3. I only tried to list 2 items and both were pulled. I have no idea why they were pulled as they are authentic. Its very frustrateing. Any now I cant sell anything. =T
  4. Same situation here! I'm really angry about this, but there's literally nothing we can do!
  5. Same thing happened to me. You can email ebay & ask to have your account reviewed & restriciton lifted. I did & they lifted it. :yes: Some of us have had success doing that & some haven't. It makes no sense~
  6. It has a lot to do with their new thing trying to fight against fake purses. You are only allowed to sell a certain number of handbags at a time. I contacted ebay asking them about it and they lifted the ban immediately and were actually really nice about it. As long as you're selling authentic stuff, shoot them an email with your user ID and listing numbers and it should all work out. good luck!
  7. i have the same problem, I am pissed at ebay. I would say 90% of LV's are fake. I posted my white speedy and ebay took it down stating its against their rule to sell fake designer goods! How dare they I have my LV receipt and detailed pictures, but still they say I can't sell it. Now my account is frozen for 6 months and I can't sell any high end brands. They stated I can write them in 6 months and they might let me sell again. EBAY sucks, see my pics no way my bag is fake. i would never, buy, sell or let alonge be seen carrying a fake bag. my ebay feedback is also at 340, and 99.7%, further I have sold a few bags in the past with no problem. any ideas?
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  8. im sorry to hear that is happening to you guys that sucks a lot!!

    but i have to say ,,,, melikemochi and this is just my 2 cents that werent asked for :smile: but i have to say them ,,,,

    i dont think you should sell tiffany's bags on ebay, because the reason they sell is because all these scammers buy the bags so they can put their fake merchandise in them and try to trick buyers into thinking its authentic just cause it has the right bags and boxes

    and we all know how much fake stuff sucks as we are a forum about handbags and those are the #1 faked thing on ebay, but the poor women out there looking for beautiful tiffany's items but maybe are on a budget dont deserve to be scammed either! :smile:

    SO! :smile: dont sell your bags cause bad people buy them! :smile:
  9. this just happened to me too! And I listed no purses. Just lv dustbag, catalog, and 2 pieces of laptop accessories