Whats wrong with Chanel Perforated collection?

  1. Seems most Chanel fans dislike them. Why why why? :wlae:
  2. I think the perforated Chanel bags are too sporty looking...not my style at all.
  3. i love them!
  4. i guess i just dont like the holes??? :shrugs:
  5. For me it's a case of reality vs. fantasy.

    With the limited amount of money I have and my collection in the beginning stage, I'm just opting to put my money into purchases I know I'll be using for a long time and stick to more "classics".

    I do agree that the perfo line is sportier looking (it kinda reminds me of a golf or racing glove). If I had oodles of money and I could just get whatever I wanted and not have to think about keeping my collection a manageable size.. then I'd definitely get a few pieces from the perfo line. Say.. white perfo flap and a yellow perfo wallet? :biggrin:
  6. I think perforated line is very beautiful, especially those odd colors, red, green...
  7. i think it's pretty nice actually, i like it in the white and the black. but since it being more expensive than caviar, i'd rather buy the caviar. would consider it if it was priced differently, i.e. being comparable or cheaper than caviar.
  8. I love my 50's aged perfo flap but the leather is not so thick and it is not for rough use. I have gotten so many compliments on the bag though!!! It is sportier indeed but i like that...

    Pictures 100.jpg
  9. i have a red lambskin and pink caviar and im thinking to get the red orange perforated classic flap, am i crazy? cause the modern bijoux chain dont have any bright colours, actually they do have yellow mustard, but still australia dont have them, what do u think gals? keep the comments in please, it helps

    thanks in advance
  10. I happen to like the perforated; however, not at the price. If I'm going to plunk down $2K for a bag, it's going to be either caviar for a daily bag or something like lambskin, or the distressed (calf) on the reissue. I wonder about the durability. There was one on eBay recently and it sure looked to me like there was a rip from hole to a few holes away, although this was not mentioned in the description.

    If they were priced less, Chanel might sell more of them, imo. (I suspect refurbishing tears can't be done.)
  11. I just find them ugly. It's simply not my style. I don't like the holes at all. My tastes are more classic and that just doesn't seem classic to me. I feel like I could look back at that line in 5 years and know it was "very 2007".
  12. i think its all a matter of personal preference, really, isn't it? I don't really like the perforated range because i don't like perforations, period! lol. and it doesn't suit my style. But you know what they say: One (wo)man's meat is another (wo)man's poison, and i'm pretty sure there are many people out there who love this range!
  13. ITA ^^ it's just personal preference; but more importantly, i think the perforated collection is a little too trendy for me; at that price, i want something that will stay in style for ages! :smile: (Btw, your red classic flap is TDF! :biggrin:)
  14. I think the perforated bags would be just fine without the perforations in them, meaning they dont really need it. The style is fine without it.
  15. any link on the eBay item? :wtf: