What's worse...? (Vachetta)

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Worst vachetta scenario?

  1. Water-spotted vachetta

  2. Dirty vachetta

  3. Slightly scratched vachetta

  4. Patina'ed vachetta =(

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay, so I know a lot of people here are VERY picky about their vachetta on their bags...now I'm asking, what do you think is the worst thing that can happen to your vachetta?
  2. Dirty Vachetta. :sad:
  3. ooops i answered wrongly, after i looked at the list i thought you wanted best case senario (hence scrach) dirrty would be worst sorry!
  4. Dirty as in very dark to almost black vachetta... ewww...
  5. Same here...dirty vachetta :throwup:
  6. I was being careless with my new Coussin and I accidently scraped it against my desk so I have a scratch about 1/2" long on one of the corners...

    I found out something...a white eraser is very good for greatly decreasing the apperance of scratches on patina'ed vachetta...I FREAKED out when I saw the scratch...but now it's not very noticeable unless you look at it closely. I was madly scrubbing with my eraser!

    I don't know what other things would take the scratch out...probably nothing, but I could probably wait for the newly scratched portion to patina and blend in with the unscratched portions.
  7. Dirty looks horrible!
  8. i voted for water spots cuz if it's dirty you can clean it, but it's hard to get rid of those water spots.
  9. another dirty vachetta here. I just can't stand it!:yucky:
  10. Dirty vachetta for me, water spots will gradually blend in with patina but dirty vachetta is so hard to get rid of, even with the baby wipes :sad:
  11. Dirty vachetta just makes it look:throwup:
  12. I vote for dirty vachetta too. Water spots will blend in eventually. BUT the nice thing about dirty is that apparently baby wipes help!
  13. Water spotted cause I can always clean dirty vachetta with baby wipes or something.
  14. for sure dirty... :throwup: :Push:

    :wacko: <--- me when i see really dirty vachetta
  15. I agree with the majority...I don't like dirty vachetta, when the handles turn SUPER DARK brown or maybe even black...I wouldn't let my bags get to that point, that's when you know it's time to replace the handles!!