What's worse than seeing a fake?

  1. A fake that is supposed to be the same bag you're actually WEARING! :push:

    I was trotting along today, when I spotted a fake inferno canguro. I wanted to smack her. :throwup:

    I never used to think about fakes so much before landing in TPF, but I hate them soooooo much now. So icky. A friend bought a stupid fake Fendi Spy which promptly fell apart a week later. I just don't understand why you wouldn't just save up a little for a decent bag (I'm not talking thousands, I'm talking $200 will get you something nice, dammit), instead of wasting your money on something like that?

    Argh. Ok, rant finished....
  2. i know what you mean! oh my god it kills me!
    and yes i do agree on your saving strategy because its rewarding

    i almost peed my pants when i was able to buy a Louis Vuitton
    Panda Wallet for $500.
  3. I bet that wouldn't have impressed the SAs. ;)

    But yeah, it's so much more satisfying when you do it right....
  4. wow and i thought me spending $200 on a bag was crazy

    but i've never seen anyone carrying toki, real or fake
  5. Seeing a fake bag like the real one on your arm ? Welcome to my every day as a Louis fan.. seriously. :yucky::yucky:

    I agree with the fake bag rant though - there are much better bags out there to be bought, why fake? Why not just get a no name bag, or one that's a lower price point ?! Boo.. !
  6. Somehow it was extra annoying being tokidoki. I certainly see enough fake Coach too...

    Yeah, I just can't wrap my head around it. Especially the really ugly fake ones that aren't fooling anybody. I just...don't...get...it!
  7. Ewww gross :wtf:
  8. fakes are gross. im one of those people who rather not have it than have a bad knockoff.

    I'm really into Vivienne Westwood accessories and most of them range in the 300s for costume jewelry and a lot of times people say "well i want to get a fake its only 30 dollars" but the fake is so bleh. it looks nothing like the real one so why buy it?

    and i totally agree about saving up your money and getting an authentic one instead of lots of ugly fake pieces... its rewarding and feels good :smile:!
  9. fakes are SOOO easy to spot....i saw this girl at target w/ a fake lamore hobo-ish thing...and my bf was like "look at her bag" and i said "EW...that's totally fake" hahaha.... i don't actually mind if ppl purposely buy fakes for cheap cuz that's their choice. I think it's WRONG to sell fakes as AUTHENTIC! that bugs me sooo much! I actually think some fake cosmetic cases look kinda cute *gasp* only cuz i wish there were more tokidoki items like the porta and angioletto at a cheaper price. But of course the real thing is uncomparably better!
  10. I love vivienne westwood! i have TONS of jewelry!
    my favorite is the armour ring =]

    ohh and my winged orb necklace
  11. What's worse than seeing a fake?

  12. i totally agree! before i could afford the likes of tokidoki and balenciaga bags, i stuck with no-name and indie designers and still found gorgeous bags.

    i seriously have to question the taste and common sense of people who knowingly purchase fakes.
  13. okay, so i have to amend my last comment. in another thread, someone mentioned wanting to buy a fake tutti (if/when they exist) to color in characters and judge how it looks before coloring in their real tutti. not a bad idea. though i still wouldn't carry around the fake tutti. i'd buy a cosmetic bag or something.
  14. What's worse than seeing a fake?
    being eaten by sharks. :yes:
  15. :roflmfao: