What's With Washed Caviar Scratching?

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  1. My newest bag is washed caviar and my first in the washed. I always loved that caviar does not scratch however I have been using my bag for about a month and a half and it already has several scratches. It also seems to be wearing much quicker than regular caviar. The corners have as much wear as my lambskin bags that are several years old. I use it bag everyday and don't baby it but it's not exactly being tossed around either. Goes mostly from home to work and sits on my desk all day unless I have a meeting or something that requires leaving. I'm not complaining because I do love the bag and know it's going to get some noticeable wear. It just makes it harder to justify spending $3,000 on another bag anytime soon when other designers are making bags cheaper that wear like iron.

    Anyone else notice their washed caviar wearing quickly?
  2. sorry this happened to you... i don't own 1, but i think scratches are more inevitable on washed caviar since they are untreated. whereas, reg (unwashed) caviars are glazed making them stiff w/ the strength to withstand natural wear & tear... looks like chanel has taken that into account now since the s/s 10 bags are washed, for unstructured feel, yet glazed for protection.
  3. My 09 Fuschia washed caviar was delicate as well. I noticed that over time the corners were wearing (like the leather was breaking down) basically like you said as with lambskin bags. I love the look and feel of the washed caviar but I agree with you, buying caviar leather bags are supposed to be more durable but in this case with these bags, unfortunately not. I'm sorry.
  4. Own one glazed caviar from 09P, and although it is glazed, I can see, it would not wear the same as the regular caviar does, I think the glazed caviar also can scratch.
  5. Sorry to hear this. I suppose it makes sense that washed caviar is not as hardy as the regular caviar.

    OT, but can anyone tell me whether the Half Moon WOC is washed caviar?
  6. ^The half moon WOC is in washed Caviar! :yes:
  7. Hmmm. I haven't read any durability reports for the half moon WOC. Maybe too new? Any idea when the half moon WOC was first released?
  8. :idea: I didn't think about the glaze. That has to be the difference!!! Maybe I should break down and buy the new version that is glazed, I was just trying to be good.
  9. ^I believe the half moon was released several years ago and then re-released for 2010.
  10. I will give you a durability report on my white half moon WOC. After walking through San Juan, PR in a driving rain storm for nearly two hours, I believed that my WOC was toast. Soggy toast, but toast nevertheless. After a few hours drying (probably overnight) that WOC shocked me. It came back to life to serve me for another week of torture and she looks good as new!
    So, count me in as a fan of whatever Chanel choose to build their bags -- they seem to work for me.
    --Judy, a happy C customer
  11. ^^wow -- glad to hear that your woc survived!!
  12. Sorry to hear that about washed caviar. Definitely something to take into account when shopping for a new bag.
  13. I saw a washed caviar bag on display at Tyson's Chanel and it was so scratched and scruffed that I couldn't believe they left it on display. After seeing that, I am not buying one.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear. but mine (09P blue) is fine. maybe I didn't use as often?! I carry on weekends mainly. I also carry an extra tote to protect my bag in case I have to place it somewhere I don't feel comfortable i.e shopping cart
  15. I'm getting the Caviar 31 Large Tote - does anyone know if that is washed, glazed or regular caviar. I was hoping that would be my every day tote, but now I'm concerned how it's going to hold up :confused1: