whats with the tracking on usps?

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  1. i sent a bag to new york last wednesday via royal mail airsure, all it's been saying on the usps site since it left the uk is the " We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece. " speech.
    it should only take 3-5 days to get there, are they just being slow on the site ? anyone else had the same recently ?
  2. This is quite normal, unfortunately. USPS often does not update the online tracking data until the package is delivered, so it shows as "accepted" until then. It used to be better...I remember it being updated at each stop the package made.
  3. Unfortunately, USPS does not have a real 'tracking' system like UPS or FedEx does. Often your item will reach its destination well before USPS catches up.

    If you call your Postmaster, he or she may be able to help you find out what's up.
  4. thanks karmen, i've been fretting a bit ! crappy tracking !
  5. i called royal mail , they only had the same details on their screen as i did. hopefully come tomorrow morning it might say delivered !
  6. it's only Tuesday, so today is the 4th day, 5th if you count Saturday. don't fret, my friend--at least not yet. :sunshine:
  7. will not fret....will not fret....will not fret .....
  8. :lol:

    will only fret about fretting...will only fret about fretting...:wacko:
  9. heh heh^^ i had an email last night to say usps had attempted to deliver and a notice was left, phew.
  10. You might want to send a quick email to the buyer letting them know about your message from USPS, and that a delivery attempt was made, etc. I've seen that message on my items (both as a buyer and a seller) and I don't think I've ever actually received the notice. Might just be my postman though ... as once when I arranged for carrier pickup they stopped my mail instead :shrugs:
  11. just had notice that its been delivered. yay
  12. yee-ha! :tup: Too bad you wasted energy on fretting, my friend.
    Better save it for when you really need it, hoping you won't! :P