What's with the prices?

Sep 4, 2007
How does anybody else feel about these prices of Bals now? Out of 16 of my bals only 4 was preowned, so I love buying new and have never resold any of them. But these prices are getting outta hand now.

I have been away from Bal for about 10months, ie, trying to be good, my last bal was a mini pom pom back in march 12.

So I recently bought something in the Boxing Day sale but wanted to exchanged and so I went to have a look and see what's new with Bal. Holy moly, the prices are shocking! Have I been away fro Bal that long?

£1035 for a Reg city or £1175 for a Reg city and hardware. Good grief!

I love bal and have to count about 16 of em but now I can honestly say I'm sorry but I don't think I can do this anymore.


Jun 4, 2006
I don't think the prices changed since last year? Or even if it did, I think it's relatively acceptable.

Relative to many other designers, I think Bal is actually on the good side :yes:
I don't think Balenciaga prices have increased as ridiculously as some other designers have, eg. Mulberry. They increased the prices on some bags by £100 recently, which I feel was not necessary since they're not what I would describe as a high-end designer.

I got my first Bal in early 2009, it was a regular Day bag and it cost me £575. I think that same bag is about £700 now or just under, so it's not such a bad increase in three years. I paid £1125 for my first Giant City in 2010 and then another Giant City pretty much exactly a year later for £1145. So the price increases don't seem to be too bad but if the prices themselves are pretty steep for you in general then obviously any price increase is not welcome! I can't splash out on new bags frequently, hence why I've only ever had one Bal a year since getting into them.

I also feel that when they discontinued the original G21 hardware that the prices should have reflected that as I feel G12 bags are nowhere near as substantial or expensive-looking. But that's just my personal opinion.