What's with the price increases on past season items?

  1. Hey everyone- sorry if this has been covered before but I've been away for a while :smile: So does anyone know why have the prices for previous season pieces gone? The groom cles is up $10, the perfo cles is up $25, and the Tobago bags are up almost $200?!?! I mean we've all accepted that permanent items go up in price but I don't think LV has actually ever gone back and upped the prices on leftover items from previous seasons. :shrugs:
  2. I bought a Speedy 30 from an LV store in Sept. 2004 and it was (only $515.00) after the 2007 price increase it is now $620. I'm not surprised at all..
  3. I know it's weird the hearts have gone up from £175 to £180 but they are completely sold out
  4. ^^^That makes no sense! I wonder why they did that?
  5. maybe they raised the prices on past seasonal items to just make some extra cash on what is left of them, I know there are VERY few Tobago items left and it went up $190 for the keepall, so they proably want to get as much as possible since its practically gone...?
  6. the sad thing is we still rush out lique crazy to go buy out their stock:nuts:
  7. With the recent price increase in 2007, the Speedy 30's price didn't change - it's been $620 USD since end of 2006. The Neverfull's price didn't change either after the recent price increase.

    I also paid $515 for my Speedy 30 in March 2004, but when I bought the Damier Speedy 30 in June 2006, it was $585.... there must have been another price increase at the end of 2006 to raise Speedy 30 to $620 because I'm pretty sure that the price didn't increase with the July 2007 price increases.... Oh well...
  8. My Damier speedy was $620, purchased in July 2006...no increase on them since then.
    My mono speedy was $585 purchased in June 2006.

    LOL...I only know this because I took inventory for selling my collection LOL