what's with the key fobs?

OK Bag Lady

New Papillon Mommy
Sep 12, 2008
I hang mine on the front of my bags. I only use one of my keyfobs for my keys right now. A manager showed me to tie my bow by wrapping it under the other fabric instead of over. It comes out better.

punkin pie

Feb 9, 2008
While I appreciate how pretty the key fobs, charms, and scarves are... I personally don't use them. I've tried to tie a scarf on my bags and feel like it's just "not me" - I like my bags and their hardware to shine for themselves - but I admire them on every one else's.:smile:

I do have a trigger snap key fob I use every day and a patent green one for my keys.....but that is it.

I'm weird, I know! LOL!