What's with the "I hate MK" bandwagon?

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  1. Haven't posted much on the TPF lately because of some of the seems-to-be hate of MK on various places on the forums. I personally think MK has good quality, stitching, variety and warranty. And from what I see, every designer takes inspiration from another, so why the bandwagon hate? I don't get it and don't agree. I think people just say it to be "cool" but hmm... MK said in an interview that he purposely made products affordable (medium to regular lines) so people can all look nice. I can appreciate that. So tell me what you think this wave of hate comes from?

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  2. I don't know where the hate comes from either!
    I have had a run of bad luck with some of the newer lines, but I have NO issues with the designs or materials.
    NONE of my MK bags ever showed wear and most sold for as much as I paid for them. I sold them because I got tired of them not because they were "tacky".
    If they are what you like, I say go for it!!
    There seems to be a lot of hate over logo bags in general. I like them.
  3. From what I've read, people don't like MK because 1) he makes a lot of bags that are very closely "inspired" by other brands 2) he charges a price point at which people feel he should have more originality in his design 3) his bags are everywhere and aren't exclusive 4) they don't like the large gold MK logo tag (I think he's moving away from this a bit now) I can understand points 1, 2 & 4. I'm someone who would prefer to have the "original" vs an inspired bag. And I don't like that gold hang tag. I don't get #3. People who don't want others to carry a bag they own, well, they are...special. LOL! :lol:

    But whatever we like or don't like, the level of venom expressed about MK as way over the top. I think it's "acceptable" to hate on MK bags so it gains steam. There are some brands I "hate" as much as some hate MK but, live and let live. I'm sure many people would hate many or all the bags I've bought.

    Personally, I have 3 MK bags that are now 3-7 years old. (I took the gold hang tag off the one that had one. LOL!). When I changed my collection from primarily contemporary to mainly premium designers, these 3 along with 1 Coach & 1 Kate Spade made the cut. My MK bags really work for me because they are well made, I like the styles, the leather is nice and the price point allows me to wear them without worrying about them. Because of use, I am going to have to replace one and I want to cry because it really is perfect.

    Bottom line, if I want to buy an MK (or a Guess or an Hermes) I wouldn't care even a teeny bit what anyone thought of the brand. If I like it, I buy it, and I wear it.
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  4. Bottom line is this....if you love the bag (no matter who makes it) then buy the bag. There are certainly "bag snobs" out there who love to diss designers whose bags seem to mimic other designers bags. That will never change because it not only can apply to MK but many other designers as well so to single him out is disingenuous. Frankly I applaud his idea of making bags affordable to all. Not everyone wants to drop 2-3 grand on a bag. And even if they could maybe they prefer to spend their money elsewhere.
    I know quite a few people with the means to buy any bag they'd like to yet they prefer to carry a mid priced bag like a MK.

    To each their own.
  5. If MK didn't steal the designs (yea, I said it - there are barely any bags in the MMK line that aren't straight up copies of high end) for the MMK line, I might have a shred of respect for the brand. I did buy a MMK saffiano mini wallet once, and the leather was so thick and clumsy I haven't bothered with it since. If you want a designer knock-off, only with a logo of another "designer", buy MMK. If not, do consider other alternatives.
  6. I have seen a few ladies showing disrespect for MK bags owners on different forums and I totally disapprove.
    I don't understand the hate. We all love bags here and we should be happy when someone expresses their love for a bag they purchased, whether it's from MK or from Hermès.
    Even prestigious brands "copy" their competitors.
    Funny that no one complains...:shocked::shocked:
  7. People are weird. They just feel they have to bash a brand when they don't like it. I mean, why? If I don't like something I wouldn't waste my time talking ish about it. Just leave it! Jeez.
  8. Seriously - funny how there isn't a whole lot of vitriol for YSL (or SLP, whatever) Sac du Jour which is HEAVILY Birkin inspired.
  9. There's a word for it! Wait! Snobbery!
  10. Noooo! Don't you dare bashing YSL/SLP! It's hi-fashun!!!
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  11. Everybody's doing it. If you don't see it, then you haven't seen enough handbags. Lol.
  12. Exactly, brianne!:smile:
  13. Wellll I agree and disagree at the same time. For sure every brand has at least a few bags that have been, uh, "inspired." Read: Copied.

    BUT I walk into an MK store and there isn't one piece that I can't recognize the "real" brand of.

    I don't look down on MK stuff at all - I actually own two MK shoes - but let's call a spade a spade here. Copying 1 design out of 10 and 9.99 out of 10 is a different thing, in my humble opinion.
  14. Unless it's replica, let's live and let live.
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  15. Oh yeah, I do agree there. Honestly the only time I actively care about what somebody else is carrying is when it looks really good. This lady the other day for example looked STUNNING with a Celine box. Not a bag of my style at all but damn it was sleek.

    Ahem back on topic: Agreed, live and let live. It's a bit like not liking a TV show: I just won't watch it, you know? Many others to pick from, people watch what they want to.