Whats with the hanging charms on the bag?!?

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  1. Hi, I have noticed alot of bags here have these charms(not really seen them b4)I lalaLuV um BuT...where do you get these aNd what brand are they? Thanx =)
  2. Most of them that you see here are LV bag charms. You can see them on the LV website. Very nice!
  3. it's cute eh?
  4. Go to a boutique and check some out! I just got back from playing with my new fave SA. He brought out the whole bin and let me try them all on my bag. I ended up choosing the Insolence!
  5. Lots of what you see are actual LVs. I've seen some that are Juicy, also.
  6. does it look tacky to put a juicy charm on a lv bag (particulary the speedy) thanks :biggrin:
  7. Please do a search as there are threads on bag charms - check also in the Clubhouse. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.