What's with the fringe?

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  1. I'm ok with the fringe on the Forever Tinas but I was taken aback when I saw these:

    (Posted by carlinha)

    Apparently other designers are also into the fringe look too!

    Sergio Rossi - http://www.intermixonline.com/product/accessories/shoes/yvette+ankle+fringe+python+sandals.do?sortby=ourPicks
    Givenchy - http://www.barneys.com/Feather%20Strap%20Sandal/151145098,default,pd.html

    I must admit I find them a little strange. What are your thoughts on this look?
  2. I've grown to like them as a closed toe boot...they are 'hot'.

    but the open toed look....not liking that at all.

    I think it only works as a closed boot, but i'm sure some people will like these and buy them.
  3. I like the Forever Tina b/c I love the shape and I like the idea of the fringe moving when you walk. The Short Tina and Summer Tina, however...there's just too much going on.
  4. I didnt like the Forever Tina at first but i do like them now .. not enough to want to buy a pair though.

    These are just ugly IMO! Passsssss
  5. I don't like the open toe with the fringe either but I do like the forever tina boot!
  6. Heehee, I dont like any of them! Not into the fringe. *whew* my wallet is safe for this round! LOL
  7. i don't like fringe at all.
  8. I don't like the fringe either! It reminds me of "Pocahontas"
  9. Not liking the fringey style's either, I do like the forever tina's thought
  10. I don't like the summer tinas or the short tinas.. just imagine how hot it would be wearing those on a warm summer day? No, not for me:nogood:
    they just look strange!
  11. I hate all of it. LOL.
  12. Call me old fashioned, but I hate that nasty fringe. It reminds me of pot smoking hippies wearing suede vests and giving everyone a peace sign for no reason.

  13. My feelings exactly...
  14. It looks like a shoe that very few women will be able to pull off. Like you are wearing some weird dust mop on your ankle. Wait, you're a human short broom!
  15. LOL frozendiva, I was thinking the cleaning machines at the carwash!

    I refuse to do the fringe trend!