What's with people on Craigslist?

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  1. I just listed our sofa and armchair. $100 each. We paid $1500 for these 6 years ago, $1000 for the sofa and $500 for the chair. I listed to sofa as good condition and the chair as really good condition (it looks close to how it did when we bought it).

    And someone comes on and says, "I'll give you $50 for the chair. I can get it tonight". Hello?!?! We paid $500 for the oversized chair.

    Or am I the one being unrealistic?
  2. Things lose value quickly, and it's not a seller's market. I don't think you can fault anyone for making an offer. If it's not one you're willing to take, you don't even need to respond.
  3. I guess I just don't ever the guts to ever offer HALF what someone lists.... There's negotiating, and there's just flat out WOW~
  4. In my mind, people that list on craigslist are those looking to unload quickly and negotiate on price. I wouldn't get offended if someone gives you a lowball offer, just don't respond.

    And the resale price of something on craigslist isn't necessarily commensurate with its retail value. It just depends on who's looking!
  5. It is like a garage sale - people want everything to cost 50 cents!!! :shrugs:
  6. Yeah, Craigslist is kind of a free-for-all.
  7. ^ Yeah it really is. It's the best place to sell furniture that's like under $100. You will def. get a lot of low ball offers though.

  8. Agree. Can't expect much from a place where you can list stuff for free.
  9. I don't think that's true for my area overall. People sell $5000 sets online all the time. the DC craigslist is always hopping from high end to cheapo stuff.

    BTW... I've gotten two other inquiries about the sofa - and people willing to pay full price - I mean come on - I'm asking $100 for a $1000 sofa that still is not date and has a lot of life in it. I'm asking more for the chair since it's like new... But if I sell the sofa, I'll just get rid of the chair cheap to get it out of here.

    Someone's already interested in another piece too. YAY!
  10. it was just an offer...they didnt say "you must give it to me for $50"...it's not that big a deal. :nogood: congrats on getting offers for full price tho!
  11. no i understand your frustration. i ALWAYS get people who respond with, 'i'll send you a bank check and i want you to ship it to me at this address, then deduct a certain amount of money from the check and send me a check BACK' blah blah- i'm like, 'UM DO YOU THINK I'M AN IDIOT?! I KNOW YOU'RE TRYING TO SCAM ME!!!!!!!'
  12. I don't mind the low ball offers so much, but I really hate it when the buyer says they are coming, and then never show up. Ultimately I've gotten rid of most things I've tried to sell.
  13. yeah craigslist buyers are always looking for a steal. i've never bought anything from there.
  14. Yay! I think I have a buyer for BOTH for the price I'm asking... that wasn't too bad (if they show up!) THough I've had pretty good luck. We've bought TONS through craigslist and sold equally well there - mainly things that are too difficult to mail are good on CL for buying/selling.
  15. Yeah, I think the people probably have the garage sale mentality when they are offereing low prices like that. Nothing wrong with it but I can understand your frustration. Congrats on (hopefully) getting your items sold! I haven't used Craigslist yet but I would if necessary. I've been so lucky to post flyers at work when I have furniture or something for sale and I've always been able to sell my items.