What's with all the mispricing on eBay lately?

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  1. So after the one where an 06 bag was listed as an 05 teal.

    There's now a Blue India city listed as a Turquoise (doesn't say what year) but the BIN is 799.99GBP! :wtf:

    Did I miss something and BI is now sold out in retail stores? I don't think so..

    Sellers need to do some research!
  2. It's the holidays thingy .... :graucho:
  3. I don't know about that but the bags in the UK are extremly expensive, maybe it's retail?
  4. I've seen a lot of auctions where it says "Sold out! Impossible to find in any store!" when that is absolutely not true. I've seen retail price grossly misquoted, and City bags listed as Firsts and vice versa. I like to believe that most of it is due to the sellers' lack of Balenciaga knowledge, but I think sometimes they just make it up as they go along because it sounds good.
  5. hmm.. maybe that's true. I know in Canada the retail is super expensive too. I guess I was just thinking even if I did buy it for a higher retail price - to sell it on eBay I'd think (unfortunately for the seller), you'd pretty much have to go at the american retail price.

    Maybe the seller really didn't know, but it'd be horrible if some buyer who didn't really know much either saw the word turquoise and hit BIN. But then again, I guess it's really up to the buyer to do her research too since no one's really forcing her to press BIN.
  6. Are there still Blue India Cities at NM or Bal NY? I'm not sure that it's totally inaccurate to say they're sold out.

    Saying it is "turquoise" is not correct, but different retailers call the colors by different names, so it's kinda hard for me to really see much fault in that. If someone is really seeking out one of the vintage turquoise colors, they are probably savvy enough to recognize that this particular bag is not one of those...

    Just playing devil's advocate...:devil:
  7. I totally agree with Fiat.
    As well, I think that sellers who are not too educated about b-bags see other sellers quoting the "sold-out" idea and latch onto it...
  8. That's true... I think my initial post I was just surprised by the price which eBay was showing to me was over $1800 Canadian dollars, but then by my second post and reading what catcat said, it's true that maybe it isn't THAT surprising and I shouldn't have been so surprised.

    I'm quite new to being obsessed with balenciaga so I guess my perspective is always thinking from a buyer's point of view instinctively, but taking a step back to think about it from a seller's point of view, then I'm not as surprised.

    All this just ends up making me more confused... I understand the whole it actually may be true that BI cities are sold out, but then I see harder to find colours like say magenta for around the same or even cheaper BINs and then I'm just like huh? :confused1: :shrugs: I don't get it...

    But I guess in the world of eBay it's all just whether you come across someone willing to pay whatever amount your auction is going at totally irrespective of whatever the auction next door went for.
  9. :shrugs: I have sent msgs to at least 3 sellers in the last few days advising them of their mistake. 2 of the 3 were very nice and thanked me and changed the listing. The other did not acknowledge my msg and has not changed the listing. So I guess we know which were honest mistakes and which was doing it clearly on purpose. I try give them all the benefit of the doubt, and hope most are just honest mistakes.
  10. ^ That's so good of you! It's nice to hear about good ebay samaratans. I appreciate you :smile:
  11. The bag is way over-priced and I believe you can still get this colour in store :shrugs: That said, City bags retail at 735 GBP minimum in the UK but I personally would buy from the US or Europe to avoid paying crazy UK prices :yes: