What's with all the abbreviations/initials??

  1. Is it just me, or does it seem like there are all these abbreviations and initials for some phrases that don't really need to be abbreviated? I understand abbreviating designer names that we all know, such as LV, YSL, RM, BV, etc... but unless you frequent all the different forums and encounter some of the usual ones, it takes me a second to figure out what the initials stand for. :p

    Does anyone else feel this way? (or am I the only dork?) :shame:

    What are some of the abbreviations that you use frequently (and what they stand for), and what are some of the other ones you still don't get?
  2. Well, luckily I can sympathize with you too, Rachie. Because for the longest dang time I had NO idea what the heck "DH" meant! :p It was only up until a week ago when I googled it that I found out that it means "dear husband." I always knew that it was something of that nature though, because women were always complaining when they used that word in the context of their sentences. :rolleyes: HaHa But I initially guessed that it meant "Dear Hubby", which, I guess those two could be used interchangably as they pretty much mean the same thing. :yes:

    Any others? Now that we've got that one cleared up... :roflmfao:
  3. Gee, I thought DH meant Designated Husband. I stand corrected.

    BTW=By the way, which according to my spell check when I do emails it's a redundant set of words and I should omit it.

    KWIM=Know what I mean? First time I saw this one was here. Took me awhile to figure out what it stood for.

    I'm VERY old school, and I'm anal about spelling, punctuation, and grammar, although I am not perfect about it, I do try. One of the things that annoys me is lack of capitalizations and commas.

    And I have a really bad habit of repeating myself, not just on here, but in real life too. I'm working on that one. :smile:
  4. And I'm so glad I finally got "KWIM" all cleared up! KWIM? ;)
  5. Speedy, I am so with you on that! That's why I think a lot of my posts seem long and verbose--I like to spell everything out and make sure everything's grammatically correct! :yes:
    (I guess that's why I'm an English teacher and the reason why I don't use the initials all that much...) :p
  6. no problem! I use to have trouble with the abbreviations too but it grows on you :tup: super cute avatar btw
  7. Oh, goody! Someone who understands!

    While I'm not an English teacher, my parent swore I was one in a previous life. They always thought I'd become a writer, alas I disappointed them. Oh, well.

    One of the more annoying abbreviation in my opinion is the "ROFLMAO" one... (rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off) While not impossible, it is difficult to roll and type at the same time. :p
  8. ^ What about ROFLMFAOPMP??? (rolling on floor laughing my f*cking ass off peeing my pants)!!! :shocked: Try that one on for size!!
  9. EKKK! (Which stands for EKKK!, an expression of horror)

    I have one IM buddy who does this ROTFL- and then goes into intials only she would ever know what they mean and I just don't ask. Probably some of the same things said in your abbreviation Rachie.

    Ah, computer-speak is a whole new language. KWIM? LOL!
  10. This is so funny, i am the same as you ladies are. My English is far from perfect but seriously, some of the abbreviations i've come across are so ridiculous i don't get it at all. KWIM? And yes, i finally know what it means today!
  11. What is incredibly sad is that I use some of the abbreviations when writing actual letters/cards to people (I especially use LOL a lot)!
  12. I don't mind acronyms but really disklike posts written like this (and usually skip over them at the first instance):

    How r u? R u tired today?