What's ur view on Hermes sample sale?

  1. Believe it or not I have lived in NYC for 6 years and have never herd of Hermes sample sale until few days ago I saw the Hermes sample sale posts on racked.com what shocked me wasn't the fact they had sample sale but the classic leather bags and enamel they have on the sale such as Constance , bolide, bearn n etc. I thought H never have discount on their leather goods but now the truth a shocked me to the core...I don't think it's fair say if u got an Constance for 7000 in the boutique and u can buy it for 3200 in a sample sale? Especially the fact that hermes try to make it discreet kind of makes me upset. I m not targeting the people who goes to the sample sale I personally would go too now that I know lol. But it's the fact that if I want to buy a h bag now I hav to be more careful because I hate that feeling of buying something and latr seeing it on the discount shelve like a lot of gucci I bought from the past....regret I don't think this would ever happen at vuitton and even Chanel hav closed their only outlet at Woodbury. This is not an attack on anyone but I really want to know ur thoughts n opinion on the H sample sale
  2. Darling I do think it's a dying tradition at H and the last two sample sales I visited were not wonderful because now all major bags like Constance bolide her bags are reserved for what Hermes calls seccond choice program for their SM and SA and for employee sales. it is a question of time and I understand your feelings, but look at it this way I have been, thank god lucky enough to buy what I want when I want , paying well over ten thousand U.S dls. for a bag I appreciated them and love them, but ten thousand !!!!!!!!!! Some don't have this chance,and so I like sample sales because many find treasures for less but....from the source not having to search for fake or getting trapped by Internet resellers that cheat them.so darling think of it this way Hermes will be Hermes but............ Belive me it's not all that bad .this is just my view on things and I hope it helps.all the best .birkel.
  3. There is a lot of impulse buying and later regretting when you go to a sample sale. Like a kid in a candy store. Look at it this way- isn't it better to spend the money on one perfect item at full retail rather than a lot of stuff with "s" stamp that may not be quite the right color, style, etc? The sales can be a great way to pick up a treasure but it has been my experience that in the long run it is better to save your money and just buy only what you truly love at the boutique at retail. I used to go to the sales but don't anymore because I found myself buying things I ended up not liking that much.

    But you should go to at least one sale just to see- it is an experience.
  4. I only purchased one bag (a gift for my partner) at the sale that was really great. I have never seen a Bolide or Constance at the sale. A few years ago when they over produced the Paris-Bombay, the sale had many of them. I think it is great if you are really into scarves or ties. The enamel selection is quite poor, but I think for the general sale customer, anything will do. If you are particular it is mostly a waste of time.
  5. agree with the above posts.. would much prefer to have that one special item
    buy it in an Hermes store and know they it will be taken care of by H craftsman
    forever... one can definitely get caught up in the Hermes sale fever..
    but you just never know what is going to turn up there.. the clothes for
    example are from several past collections...that doesn't interst me so much
    and the bags are really hit & miss from what has been shared with me..
  6. It's ok for ties and scarves and some RTW. Everything else is hit or miss. It differs from year to year. One year they had PBs, but none in the size I wanted -- 37. One year (I missed) they had some constances. They have odd GPs, some usually battered SLGs, some shoes. Some jewelry. Never a kelly or birkin, ever.

    And I agree with tounjours, you get so excited at a discount, you tend to buy stuff you don't really love -- you wouldn't have bought it at the boutique.
  7. Exactly. In the past couple of sales, the bag selection was minimal--some canvas styles, but absolutely none of the best-known leather styles, and as lu said, no Bs or Ks, ever. The fun is in the anticipation that maybe--maybe--you'll find something special, but the risk of buying and regretting is very real. I would NEVER pass up a desired bag at retail in the hope of finding something similar at a sale.
  8. I agree with what everyone has said about Hermes sales. Impulse buying will be a regrettable experience. Save up to buy what your heart desires and then go on the infamous H journey to find it!
  9. Are u the blog writer for Luxury obsessed? just to let u kno I m a regular reader of ur blog n a friend of mine loves reading ur blog he even tried to get one of those prada monkey shirt u blogged about but too bad ... They ran out of his size :smile: i love the hapi Mykonos bracelet u got... keep blogging u r doin a great job :smile:
  10. I am the writer of Luxury Obsessed and thank you very much!
  11. my daughter went in the spring (i was going to go with her but the weather messed up our plans) there are scarves and other things, if you do a google searched for racked.com you can check it out.
    I am going to go next week. I'd like a bangle and a scarf. obviously no one expcects any of the "good stuff" but I think for a one time experience it might be fun

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  13. hi! does anyone know when the Hermes Winter Sales is gona be for 2012? I read on paris.com that sales in Paris generally start on Jan 7th!
  14. I was invited to the private sale where the Constance and Bolides were bountiful. Well the Constances were, the Bolide, I had to fight for, like the old movies! Anyway, it was thrilling to get what I got. Most of the bags had some sort of visible flaws. I had to work very hard to find a Constance that was a good color, leather and size. I don't think that it is unfair to regular clients who aren't aware of the sales. I hadn't planned on finding any bags. It was a total surprise and I was happy. I would never have walked into a boutique and plopped down the $$ for the Constance, although it was the first Hermes bag I ever saw in my life way back when. There are no extras; no boxes, no ribbons, plenty of standing in line, plenty of sales tax, no returns. The next sale I attended had a few bags, none of them leather, a few wallets, lots of RTW, some shoes and scarves. I had to bring something home to justify the train there.
    Private day or public, the sales seem to have less and less. We stopped going; it's a crapshoot whether the merchandise is worth it. They sell several seasons old scarves that probably sold for $350 when they were new and mark them at $380 and mark them down 40%. That's really no bargain in the end. And usually you can figure out what they will be when luxury-scarves.com starts selling them in February after the Paris sales.
    Another hot seller at the two sales I attended were gift sets of fragrances. Very well-priced.
    Now that you know about the sales, look out for it around February on this forum. The next one should fall around the third week on March. There's no way you won't know about it!!!
  15. Sorry if I sound ignorant but what's the difference between a sample sale and a private sale? Thanks :smile: