what's ur opinion about nomade?

  1. [​IMG]

    i tried it on the store and it's beautifullll i mea it's very luxurious but understated.
    not many logos...

    and the SA said that the handle won't change colours unless from watermarks and it's so easily scratched too.

    anyone have something from nomade line ?
  2. I love nomade, I don't own anything from it but I really want to!!!
  3. the price tag is quite high though :p

    i'm thinking about something bigger like a 45 or keepall 50 for travelling?
    anybody know how much for them?
    the speedy 30 is around 2300USD.
  4. That's a very classy line, I'd love to have it in alma ... however the scratches will absolutely drive me nuts, I like my bags to be scratch free ... just being anal I guess. Was the speedy heavy?
  5. I saw a lot of on display at the Champs elysees store all of them had scratches and some of them were really really bad I could deal with a bag I'd have to baby if you stress over vachetta give it a miss it will give you a heart attack
  6. no, it's not as heavy as i thought it would be.
    yeah but it scratch very easily, i saw the agenda on display and maybe some ladies with long nails or big diamond rings tried to open it so it scratch the parts near the opening :cursing:
  7. It's really pretty, but I heard it scratches easily...?:confused1:
  8. oh yeah... :p
  9. Keepall is gorgeous... but scratches would bother me. Ouch, I checked LV.com and I couldn't see keepall in nomade anymore, isn't it discontinued?? I'm sure that you can SO one :yes: :graucho:
  10. Not for me - too prone to scratches.
  11. My friend has one and Im not loving it. Plus its too expensive for a bag that would scratch easily and needs a lot of care.:tdown:
  12. I love Nomade, but it is so fragile...
  13. it's classy but i also heard it's easily scratched. material is a lil stiff for my taste.
  14. yeah that's what the SA said to me too, i have to SO it because it's such a delicate item and not many people buying it
  15. I agree with the other posters.. it's a beautiful leather, but too high maintenance for me. I do eventually want to own something from that line, though.