whats ur fave everyday necklace

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  1. can we close this one up.. because there's already another thread of this. thanks!
  2. Mine is a small opal pendant on a silver chain that my boyfriend got me from Christmas. Opal is my birthstone (which I LOVE wearing because I've heard that it's bad luck for people who weren't born in October to wear....so luckily I get away with it!) and he picked out a very simple, but elegant necklace. I wear it almost everyday, if not everyday.
  3. My diamond initial 17 inch wg necklace.
  4. I agree! Mods, can this be closed? TIA.
  5. My Roberto coin circle of life necklace.
  6. My roberto coin cross necklace or my silver tiffany key
  7. usually a gunmetal/black pearl rosary from guess and an onyx pendant from trade winds :smile: