whats ur fave everyday necklace

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  1. right now mine is my diamond G pendant small and dainty
  2. All of my pendants are my favorites, but I usually switch around my diamond solitaire, tiffany 18k lock (old style does not open), or tiffany 18k mini bean.
    I have a 14k 8mm omega that I got many years ago and that is probably my absolute favorite, but I don't wear it all the time. I hope it trends back in so I can get some more slides for it.
  3. I wear my Gold, Tiffany.... Floating Heart on a 16" chain, almost every day!

  4. Tillie: You have the best jewelry in thw owrld, no matter what you wear :biggrin:

    I usually wear my white gold diamond solitaire pendant
  5. Pandora......... What a sweet thing to say........Thank you! :blush: I bet your Diamond Pendant is gorgeous!! :cloud9:
  6. mine is a verry tiny rose gold heart on a thin yellow gold chain- it sits very close around my neck, and is so small you can hardly even see it, except that the rose gold is really shiny.

    it was a gift from the boyfriend for xmas and i love it.
  7. I love my tiffany mini bean!
  8. Thx I wanted to bump up the old one and couldn't find it
  9. my favorite is a bezeled 1ct sapphire I got from Birks is such a pretty medium blue
  10. The Tiffany Key SS with 18 inch chain.

  11. Oops, I just noticed all of my spelling mistake....sorry:shame: Must of been all of the TPF excitement...

    I'm in search of a nice yellow diamond pendant set in yellow gold now :nuts:
  12. My DBTY necklace
  13. Mines a little silver star on a chain with an engraving on the back that I got from my mom :smile:
  14. I guess my diamond heart pendant or my yellow gold curb chain. Both of them are my favourites for everyday wear.