**whats ur fav Louie Luggage Piece**

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  1. Hey guys I am a fanitic for LV luggage but whats ur fav i have a few pices but i think the BISTEN 50 is my favorite
    [​IMG]<--- MY Fav savin up
  2. Trunks!!
    Any trunk.
  3. yea i cant wit till i get the bisten 50
  4. Keepall and L'Extravagant
  5. Of the ones I own, pegase 50, it's so useful. Off the wishlist, hatbox!
  6. I second that :love:
  7. thats suhali right?
  8. yes L'Extravagant is Suhali its my MOST wanted piece!
  9. after the poche toilette the bisten is what i hve my eye on
  10. i love the Mono Carryall :love:!

    and also the Pegase 60 and 70 in Mono, Damier and Taiga:girlsigh::tender:
  11. I really like the Damier Grimaud, it's so refined and different. Very impractical though I suppose.
  12. Out of what I have...the Trolley Bosphore. I would love a trunk someday though!
  13. Keepall and Pegas&#233;. However, I am starting to get into the carryall too. I am thinking about getting a pegas&#233; because I'm tired of carrying my keepall around when it gets awfully heavy, but I also want an MC keepall, and since I refuse to check in LV, I can't really justify owning a lot of luggage..
  14. Damier Alzer
    Geranium L'Extravagant
    Any newer trunk :biggrin:
  15. Though I don't have any LV luggage as of yet - I really liked the Tabago Keepall and Caryall when I saw them earlier this year.
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