what's ur fav hermes color/leather or combo?

  1. what's ur favorite color, leather and combination of both?

    If i have to pick one and only one, I'd go for black chevre(just saw the wallet, so soft and light:drool: )
  2. I have many favorites!
    Thalassa in box
    Black in box and chevre
    Potiron in Togo and Chevre
    Marron Fonce in Chevre
    Ebene in Clemence
    Blue Jean in Togo and Clemence
    Vert Anis in Togo and Chevre
  3. Black box, gold hardware..............................as if everyone didn't know that already.;)
  4. Rouge Garance in Togo/Clemence or Sapphire Blue in Fjord/Clemence
  5. SHOCKING, I say, absolutely shocking! :p
  6. I know, I know. It's a running joke on here and at the store, as you saw for yourself.
  7. how About This Question....what Is The Best Color That Looks Good In Not Only Chevre, Swift, Togo, Clemance,box, Etc Etc Etc....and Lets Do Colors Not Black?
  8. oh guccigal great question...I would have to say probably raisin....some of the pinks looks great too.
  9. Yep That's HG ! :lol:

    Mine is Blue Jean in Swift, White in Clemence, Black in Swift, Box, Evergrain. Raisin and Thalassa in Box.
  10. my favourite combo is black on boxcalf.

    Best all-round colour across all the leathers? Hmmm, I'd have to say.....rouge vif or vert anis or raisin.
  11. fuschia in ostrich
  12. HG, I am with you on this.
    I've fallen for many other colors and I like Togo a lot, but my favorite is hands down black box w/ gold hardware.
  13. Well, if I had to do a color, I wish they would do rouge imperial in leather.
  14. HG^ what do they call the red of the buffalo that they use on the rouge imperiale GP's?
  15. ^^Let me rephrase: I wish they would do rouge imperial in MORE leathers.