What's up with this date code?

  1. ok guys help me figure this out. I did a search for a Saleya bag and this auction came up. Everything looked good w/ the bag as far as I could tell from the pics.

    But then I look at the date code and according to it --it was made in September of 2006.

    How is this possible? Am i reading this wrong or is this bag a fake?

    And if it is a fake I am going to throw myself out my bedroom window because it is a really good fake. I can't beleive it. :Push:
    How in the heck can they get away with this.

    take a look

    eBay: 06 NEWEST Louis Vuitton Damier SALEYA MM Bag Purse (item 270007091037 end time Aug-10-06 18:48:15 PDT)
  2. I think it's FL0095.;)

  3. Oh. Just kidding. :P

    I was going to be really upset. So its real???

    I guess what threw me was thet it says it a new 2006 model in the auction.
  4. I'm not sure when it was first introduced but it does look real plus she'a a MPRS.:smile:
  5. ok. I just looked again and I know she's a mypoupette seller but she says she just bought this bag a week ago.

    Are the Saleyas so unpopular that they would have bag made in Sept 2005 on the shelf for sale??? KWIM
  6. :weird: Now I wonder why she won't return it instead of selling at a loss.
  7. That's odd too. Maybe she got it from someone else who don't want it anymore for a good price? That's like a once in a blue moon chance though.
  8. See. I knew I was not loopy. It IS weird.

    Also what do you guys this about the date code saying that the bag is nearly a year old if she just got it a week ago?
  9. My sis got her Kathleen earlier this year and it was almost 2 years old:Push: (made in 2004). She has no choice cos it's the last one.:sad:
  10. this happened to me over a speedy. The seller was a member of mprs and mypoupette but I thought it was odd how someone would buy a speedy still wrapped and never use it, and put it on ebay the year they got it. So I contacted mypoupette and told them that I thought the bag was none authentic and They sent me an e-mail saying that they had checked the bag out and it was 100% authentic. So it just seems rather odd...and made me feel stupid. Maybe these mprs's have money to burn ??
  11. MyPoupette is good, and her feedback has some positive stuff reflecting authentic auctions, but it's probably worth investigating further. It does seem odd to me that someone would sell on ebay instead of returning or exchanging something just purchased last week, especially at a $100+ loss.

    Also...all sales are final. I'd say it's too risky.
  12. agree on the date code
  13. I was wondering the same thing.
  14. I'm not sure about the bag, but this seller was VERY rude to me once when I inquired about a Tiffany ring she had for sale. I asked about the condition and she told me to go to Tiffany's and get a new one if I had such high expectations (literally, those were her words) :shocked:

    Oh, and weren't the Saleya bags just released a few months ago? They weren't making them last September, were they?
  15. It looked like 0086 to me, which would be August of 06.