What's up with these account hijackers buying stuff on ebay?

  1. I'm sooo fed up of account hijackers BINing my items!!!:cursing: Why do they do this? What's the point?!

    What's even more frustrating is that eBay automatically charges the final value fee and it's happened 3 times now...sigh:sad:

    Is there a way to avoid them? Maybe just list things in auction format only and not BIN? Any tips would be greatly appreciated:smile: TIA!:flowers:
  2. how to they get into other ppls accounts anyway?
  3. I have no idea and it's really scary! God eBay is getting worse and worse...
  4. Percephonie: What bag is your avatar? It's gorgeous!
  5. LOL thanx VenetiaWanter:love: It's a Balenciaga in the classique/first size ;)
  6. Hi Percephonie!

    I have had the same thing happen to me 4 times now - most recently today. I think the only thing we can do is put the "immediate payment required by paypal" option on the BIN price which will mean the listing doesn't end until payment is made. :yes: :idea:

    Two things wrong with this though - it puts off a lot of buyers who cannot or do not want to pay by paypal AND it also doesn't stop these hijackers bidding on your item and winning that way :cursing:

    What a nightmare this is all becoming. It really is getting terrible on eBay now :sad:
  7. Oh no you as well Balchlfen?

    Another ebayer who had the same problem told me this about how the accounts get hijacked:

    "My account rep told me yesterday that the latest spoof mail apparently netted lots of ids from unsuspecting ebayers. She said this has been the tko week. Don't think we are seeing the end of it. Hopefully it will quiet down for the day. It seems like it goes crazy mostly in the morning."
  8. they need to get a life. or at least get laid and get off our backs.
  9. Oh thank GOD someone else has had to deal with this!! I've had no fewer than 7 of these transactions THIS WEEK ALONE! All my Chloes and Pradas have been "bought," only to be followed by the famous "TKO NOTICE: LISTING REMOVED" email from eBay. UGH! I've spent 3.5 hours this week with eBay just working to recover the fees!!! :cursing:

    All I can say is, I've been told twice, by 2 different eBy powerseller operators, that this is an "epidemic" right now - they've been seeing a ton of this lately.

    Sorry you've gone through it, too! :sad:
  10. Am only an Ebay buyer, but I've experienced two hacking attempts recently:

    I) An email from "Paypal", informing me that there had been "unusual activity" on my account, giving an ISP number and asking me to follow the link to my Paypal account to change my password. I logged on to Paypal (not through their link, but via the browser bar), where I went to "Security". It told me there to move my mouse over the link I'd been sent and I would see that the site was not Paypal. I did this and, sure enough, an unfamiliar website was highlighted.

    2) Upon typing "Ebay" into my browser bar (in the usual way), I was taken to a site that looked like Ebay, except the font was all wrong. It looked "blurry" and the letters had jagged edges. I tried several times, but kept getting this site. The only way I got the true Ebay site, was by Googling and following the link there. I learned later that this site has been set up to steal User Ids, passwords and email addresses. If I'd been in a hurry, or distracted, I might have carried on loggin on to this site.

    So please be alert to these scams. I bet those hijacked accounts were accessed by one of these methods, if not another.
  11. ITA
    I have had this happen to me often and actually 5 times in the last 2 weeks

    One thing I will say to all of you do NOT believe the ebay email when they tell you they have taken down the listing & credited your fees, check your balance! They are not doing this now you have to hound them for your refund. I have heard this happen to 3 other sellers as well, no fees credited!
    Too right Balchfen no fun on ebay anymore!
  12. I had this happen twice too- so even thought I didn't want to I added the immediate pay with paypal to my bag listings-
  13. yep i have had this also today . Ebay stinks now:rant: :rant: so i end up with paying final value fees etc. have relisted on immediate payment BIN which i think is the only option now on e bay, fortunately there is the new mypoupette selling site up and running which i am trying out
  14. So sorry this is happening to you!

    I suggested this in another thread, but will suggest it here too.

    I was getting a ton of those spam emails hidden as questions about an item. I started posting them in my auctions out of frustration and then I got an email from an ebayer where one of the spam quesions came from. She didn't send the email, account was obviously hacked, and she had no idea it had been hacked.

    So I think now it's a good idea to post these questions. If I buyer sees there account name being used at least it gives them a chance to sort it out before people start buying under the id's.

    Just a thought:smile:
  15. I did that once Siri Anne & a buyer went crazy at me she said I was actually advertising for the spammers which I suppose in a way was true so I didnt do it again, now I just delete. The Spam drives me crazy & reporting each one just takes so much of my time!