Whats up with the online American Apparel models?

  1. Im looking online to see if theres anything worth buying, and I notice that some of the models need to be covered up more! Or at least wear a bra...Do they do that on purpose or are they completely unaware of their...exposure? :shrugs: Because I really dont enjoy seeing ladies t*** when I shop for shirts! (Besides that, I found a new favorite store! Yippee!)
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  2. i've noticed that as well. i have no idea but my friend use to be an american apparel model. i know they just use regular people off the street to do their modeling.
  3. ya, seriously!

    no offense, but some of the pix totally gross me out... I remember a while back there was this girl who was "indecent" AND at the same time maneuvering some kinda gymnastic pose...:yucky: lol
  4. :throwup:^^^Why I never look at any of their one pieces or their short-shorts is because of that! Some of those shirts are see through! Are they braphobic or something?
  5. I heard that they use their own employees in the ads. American Apparel goes for that skanky underage look. It appeals to their hipster target audience.
  6. I saw the site for the first time not too long ago and was completely drawn away from ever going back. Seeing more than what I needed to see. It really grossed me out. I mean I saw hair where it shouldn't be showing. Many of the girls don't even look legal.
  7. True^^^ It kind of reminds me of the whole heroine chic from the 90s. I do think they have great tees though.
  8. Can you post an example? I went to the website, browsed a little and didn't see anythingtoo bad? Or maybe I'm actually part of their target audience :p
  9. 'gross'? what's gross about it?
    big deal, they're just boobs and bodies. we've all got them. i will never understand why people are 'offended' by nudity...
    also, the only difference between this brand and others is that their models aren't airbrushed to death until it looks like their skin is plastic and devoid of hair and pores. these are a bit more realistic. i for one find that kind of refreshing.
  10. Im more complaining about how AA should think of different ways they can sell their clothes online, though I do prefer someone to wear a bra when Im looking for shirts. Look at some of their socks. Would it hurt to put on underwear to model socks???
  11. the socks kinda remind me of the leggs ads when I was a little girl. but seriously this is nothing we haven't seen b4. Like SPUTNIK said least there not airbrushed I mean come on theres nothing worse then airbrushing an already size 0 model to make her look even more alien like and make me not wanna eat for a week.:nuts:
  12. I think breasts are pretty. Personally, I didn't wear a bra until stupid gravity gave me no choice. :crybaby:

    Maybe I lived in Europe for too long, but I think young girls should revel in the beauty of youth. Cause those boobs WILL go south someday.
  13. ^^Yes, your attitude toward the human body is very European.