What's Up With The Giant Day

  1. I just went to atelier.naff and saw that below the day she added the Giant day. What is the giant day? Does anyone have dimensions or pictures (including the drop in the handle)?

    Also I have these recurring courier questions. If you adjust the courier strap to the shortest lenght, will the bag rise to about your hips or does it still look like a messenger style bag?

    I know lots of question. I'm confused. Thanks!!
  2. I think the Giant Day is just a the normal sized Day with Giant Hardware...

    LP has listed both prices under the normal hardware sized Day...
  3. Ohhhh thanks fashion cult, I think you may be right. It does make sense. I thought is was literally a giant version of the day bag, which if you think about it would be a great tote that you can carry on your shoulder. They should invent that next!!

    Any one know about that courier length?