What's Up with the 2007 Blanc

  1. I was at Neiman's yesterday, fondling the handbags and I couldn't help but notice that this year's blanc was stark white. Nothing like my 06 blanc. I know Chloe is really strange with colors, but why would they do this. Someone who has seen the color blanc for years and orders a new bag site unseen will be really surprised. Do you think it was just the one I saw or has someone else noticed this. Chloe should have just called it white.:confused1:
  2. ITA!!!

    When I saw the "new" WHITE white blanc, I was like WTF???

    It looked plasticy to me, IMHO.
  3. Susie and I were at Neiman's on Sunday too - fondling Chloe bags! Trying them on for size and - miraculously- not falling in love with anything. Didn't see any white bags at all?
  4. :yes:I agree and :yucky:
  5. Yes, we've discussed this...on another thread, and I agree that the new white is stark. That said, I saw it on Bluefly and took a chance and bought it anyway, since it was discounted 20%. I have the '06 ivory in three bags, the medium paddy, the large US Shopper from fall '06 (which is still on neimanmarcus.com btw), and the large zippy bowler. :nuts: I do like the ivory from '06 better than the new white. But the new white sort of grows on you.:supacool: It's a very summery bag :supacool: :supacool: :yes: At first, when I saw it at Neiman's I thought...Ugh, too white. But now I really like it. I have to say that the real deciding factor in keeping it, was that the leather is really pretty on this particular one, and the one I saw previously at Neiman's had a stiffer leather!:shrugs: I have no idea why the leather on the Bluefly one was soft and squishy (yes, it's real, I checked it out at Neiman's just to be sure and compared it as well to my other paddys...it all checks out:jammin: ) Perhaps it depends on the factory. Chloe is not real consistent about this sometimes. In the early years, they were, but it seems since '06 some of the quality control changes from bag to bag! So even though I like some of the other whites more than the stark white, the bright white is lovely when the leather is wonderful. :yahoo: I have the creme from neimanmarcus and the leather is great on that bag. I think I am more picky about the leather than the color! I seem to like the color if the leather is excellent. (!) Part of the Chloe addiction!
  6. I t is part of my addiction that I totally get what you are saying! So many factors to consider!
  7. Beanie, congrats on your white and honestly stark white is in, I just don't know why Chloe would confuse things and call it blanc. For anyone buying on line they would never realize the difference. My blanc is really more off white. I keep wishing on it every night to turn it into craie (since it didn't come with the Chloe tag that would have dashed my hopes)--and I think its working. (I know I'm strange)

    I agree totally on the leathers, I have an 06 that is so squishy and it flattens out on the floor like a puddle, but I have two others that definitely don't. Its not a broken in thing either because one is more used than the squishy one and the other paddy is brand new. I just can't believe the difference. It makes me not want to buy without seeing them in person which means probably losing out on alot of great deals.
  8. After all these discussions regarding the Chloe quality changing with time I'm absolutely sure I'm not going to purchase Chloe on-line, you should first see it IRL so that not to have unpleasant surprises. IMO it's a shame for Chloe (as much as I love it) that the qaulity became worse and the colors are misleading sometimes.
  9. I think they should have changed the name. I really think it's too white as well but so is the Bal white I think they just try to keep it white/white because it actually goes with real white and the white crave is still on this summer at least in france!
  10. Well, 'blanc' is 'white' in French, so really the new true white is more accurately described as/named Blanc than the original Blanc. :shrugs:

    Really they should have called the original Blanc Casse (off white), or Blanc Creme (creamy white).

    To avoid confusion, maybe they should have called the new white Blanc Pur (pure white)?