What's up with Saks, Atlanta???

  1. So I stopped in this past Sunday to get a pair of shoes...I thought I would just take a look in Chanel. I was showing my husband the GST and he made a statement about...when does the price go up? So I turned to the SA just to ask, even though I already knew. She said...the prices went up in February and I said yes, but won't they go up again in November and she said "No", the price increase has already happened for the year. They don't ever do it twice. Interesting that the SA's still don't know or still aren't telling people? Any opinions?
  2. I posted the same thing last week. A lot of SA's do not know, I guess. It's so weird. The agent my friend talked to was adamant about no more increases this year...who knows...
  3. Who did you speak with, was it Eva? I saw her this weekend as well, she told me the same thing!
  4. I checked with my SAs at Chanel stores and NM as well. I think most of them really do not know the exact date the price will increase. A couple of them told me that they got the final notification maybe a day earlier than the date the price increases and joked with me that they heard about the price increases from their customers first.
  5. The only reason why we know at Bergdorf's is because the buyers sent a mass email to all of us. I think a lot of department stores are so big they forget to tell their associates important information.
  6. Thanks ladies...sorry about the double post...just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy at Saks.
  7. Just my opinion, but I sometimes think the SA's are left in the dark on purpose, so what they don't know they can plausibly deny or not tell. It's horribly awkward and unfair for them, when there is information about possible coming price increases circulating among handbag devotees. Who knows? It isn't as if experienced buyers won't notice the increases when/if they do finally happen.
  8. When I was at NM's on Sat, 9/1, my SA thought someone should have been in the store to raise prices. She still thought it was 9/1 and when I told her the rumor is 11/1 - she laughed and said she learns more from her clients than anyone else! Same as Happymm's experience
  9. Similarly in singapore, the pricing has already went up this yr. Hence, they are not goin to increase the price according to SA.