What's Up With Pulse?

  1. I tried to click on the Tokidoki link on Pulse and it says...
    CategoryID 74 does not exist.

    :confused1:Anyone know what's up?:confused1:
  2. Lol! We posted this at the same time!
  3. I know I emailed Pulse today to see what they had left in Tutti since their site said 20% off. Casey emailed me back and said that Tutti is now 25% off and the styles they have left are bambino, cucciolo, gioco and canguro.

    Hmm, I wonder if they got their trasporto shipment in and will be posting a pic tomorrow.
  4. I dunno, the last I talked to her she said they hadn't gotten it in and didn't know when to expect it but it would be this week or next.

    I got a gioco from them for 120!! :biggrin:
  5. Yeah I'm still thinking about getting the cucciolo. I really wanted a campeggio but it would come out to about the same price as the campeggio after the discount.
  6. oo yea, about 150, right? thats the outlet price..

    i thought about cucciolo but i'm not crazy in love with this print. the campeggios i've seen in this print weren't that cute.. i got a campeggio in adios star today from the outlets, wayyy better price than anywhere else online.
  7. What characters were you able to get in front?
  8. I really like the campeggio when it comes to a bigger bag because of the pockets and single strap. I only have one in inferno and I would like maybe another. I love the tutti print so I may break my one bag per print rule.

    I like adios star as well because it is a black and white print with a touch of color. Both prints work well with whatever you're wearing.
  9. :huh:o i hope this means they got their trasporto in! i want my campeggio!!
  10. is tutti going to get to the outlets eventually?
  11. i got sandy and my rainbow with the clouds on the front i think. blue latte on one of the sides.. i forget what else :p
  12. Oh that sounds super cute Kkiimm!! Sandy is adorable!
  13. nice :tup:
  14. yeah i emailed the other day & got a reply back telling me transporto would be in any day now so i guess they're updating the webpage. But $120 for a gioco! nice! im definitely calling tomorrow to find out what characters are on any giocos they have left! i NEED koi & asian baby on the front (non zippered side)

    AND preordering Vacanze!!! Although I'm still deciding on a style, probably Avventura or BV.
  15. lol the non-zipper side is your front? in that case i think i snagged your bag. or maybe it was the other gioco that had the baby on it. i guess we'll find out :p

    i'm excited about my campeggio. i've been hunting for one for so long.. i bugged denise on here a lot about the ones she had but i am really strange when it comes to spending that extra $5-10 on a bag that's already over $100 :p i cannot wait for it to get here so i can carry it around school ;)