What's up with PRADA?

  1. I'm relatively new to the PF, but I've been collecting handbags for a long time. I notice that there's very little discussion of Prada here. (I've had a few Prada bags over the years, although its never been a favorite brand of mine.) So why so little interest in Prada bags? Are they overexposed? Too many fakes? Has Prada gone too far off on a tangent with unappealing bags? Just curious...
  2. Check out Jill's (the sub-forum mod) collection, you will find plenty of Prada. I just bought a Prada bag, I am waiting for it to arrive. I think Meryl Streep's beautiful white bag in the Devil Wears Prada movie will help revive Prada soon.
  3. I haven't been into Prada (or Miu Miu) in the past few years. I don't really like the huge logos on some, and the designs don't appeal to me as much as they used to. I still like the clothes, though.
  4. I am the Prada queen..LMAO..LOVE it to death!Clothing..bags ..shoes...belts.....I am trying to get the PF more into my evil Prada ways..give me time!!LOL!
  5. I guess it all depends on your taste. Even when I sold Prada bags, I didn't care for the line, and in all this time, I've only seen one that I even halfway like. Overpriced as well.
  6. I'm only into their [very sleek, clean line] clothes becuase that's the only thing I can justify buying (OK, except a straw bag with white ostrich and croc leather). I find their accessories VERY overpriced.

    Remember the craze having plastic dangly charm thingies hanging from your bag a year ago? A stupid yellow and red plastic butterfly charm is £90 (~$150)!!!
  7. I have three Prada nylon bags: a classic navy blue backpack, a sport backpack in black, and a brown tote for when I have to look like a grown-up!--and I love love them. Those are three bags I will never sell or give away because they're just wonderful.
  8. I have 3 Prada bags--a frame "granny" bag with a rose pattern, a grommet bags from the earlier grommet line and a shoulder bag. I don't like their bulkier bags though and lately they seemed to have bulked up some--sort of Prada on steroids, although I do like the antik designs.
  9. i don't like prada bags. honestly... and the nylon? it's just a no-no to me.
    i like miu miu, but only a few from every season.
  10. I love Prada! Would love to see more discussion on Prada here.
  11. I'm not a fan of their nylon bags. Waaaaaaaaay overpriced too! I've seen a few of their leather bags that were okay, but they just aren't that exciting IMO.
  12. I used to love Prada, it was one of my fave lines. But they use alot of animal fur, and it upsets me way too much.
    A so called friend of mine, purchased an otter jacket for her husband two years ago, and that was it for me! nothing has been purchased by me since.
    Saying that, the new padded leather bag is going to be huge this autumn. Beyonce and Posh have already carried it, and it looks devine.
  13. prada is truly synonymous with luxury.. i love it since its so urban chic and classy but sometimes i just have a hard time justifying the price to myself.. craftmanship is great though. i love the nylon and leather combis and i like the ones with a smaller prada or triangle metal plate on them than the ones emblazoned with a giant prada in the front.

    so far i only have 2 pradas and i love them. that triangle logo is so powerful, it really does get noticed by a lot. :smile:
  14. prada is one of my favorite brands. i have a small collection. i do not go for their nylon bags, i have enough of them and they don't appeal to me anymore. i do like prada sports shoes.

    recently i went to the boutique, saw the logo jacquard range, i love the hobo. the price is still abit steep so i am still considering. this is the pic of the bag that i might wanna buy.
    Prada Logo Jacquard.jpg
  15. With the exception of the Prada bag Meryl Streep was carrying when she first walked into the Elias Clark office in Devil Wears...I don't like Prada bags. I think they are overpriced. I just don't see what kind of craftsmanship goes into a piece of nylon with a triangle on it to justify spending that kind of money. And none of their other bags outside of the nylon excite me either.