what's up with Prada pricing ???

  1. Can anyone explain why bag #1 (12 4/5"H x 16"W x 6 4/5"D) is $1,750.00 and bag #2 (14 2/5"H x 16"W x 7 1/5"D) is more than a grand more, at $2,850.00 ????? :wtf:
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  2. ROFLMAO..Welcome to my life......I cant figure that out either...HEE!HEE!All I know is that I bought 2 Gauffre bags at 2450 and 2650..and PHH hasnt put me in a loony bin for it..LOL!
  3. Seriously Jill, bag #2 is cuter, but it's not $1,100 cuter !!!
  4. The prob with the first one is that its handles are like HARD PLASTIC...Pretty IMPOSSIBLE to wear on shoulder and its too big to be hand carried.thats why I dealt out the extra mula and got the messenger strap version....Im in love with my Gauffre bags..They are TDF!:heart:
  5. Yeah, I've tried on both bags IRL, and I kind of like #1. But I am someone who actually likes hand-carrying bags, as opposed to wearing them over my shoulder... :shrugs:

  6. Very simple answer in four little words:


    As soon as I heard about that movie my first reaction was "There go Prada prices through the roof...." Wish I had been wrong. :Push: ​
  7. lol!!! :true:
  8. I think the leather on #2 is different, and evidently it took $1,100 worth of someone's time to add the drawstring to the black bag.....:roflmfao:
  9. ROFL! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. I was wondering the same thing. My washed leather (huge) bag, lined with leather, was around 2075. The gauffre east west I just got -- NOT lined in leather -- was 2450! I don't get it!? The prices are soaring this year, no?
  11. ya designer bag prices are soaring high every year
  12. So agree - some of the prada prices this year are ridiculous - I would boycott Prada only the bags are too gorgeous!
  13. I'm boycotting them because they ARE ridiculous prices. There are so many great designer bags out there of comparable or better quality for half the current Prada pricing. I'm totally in love with the fall Prada bags too, but honestly after seeing what I can get with $1000 in MJ bags vs $2400 for a Prada? Fergit it! Even though 1K for a "pocketbook" is obscene, at least that fits more with my budget sensibilities.

    I'm only grateful I got my golden metallic, lambskin lined hobo Prada before they decided to start gouging their customers over a stupid movie!! No other Italian bagmakers I'm aware of has gone through the roof like Prada has, so it's the only explanation that makes sense. :cursing:
  14. Agree again - but they are so beautiful:love: I have refused so far but I feel I am being worn down!!! Help keep me strong!!

  15. :biguns: LOOK INTO MY EYES, RACHELA. BE STRONG! :biguns:

    How's that? :graucho: