What's up with Overstock.com?

  1. :crybaby:Has anyone been able to get in there today? I've not been able to access it all day long.
  2. hmm, its working fine for me right now
  3. It's working fine for me too.
  4. does overstock sell authentic handbags?
  5. It depends. I purchased a Fendi Spy from them and it was fake. I promptly returned it. However, you probably don't have to worry with other brands.
  6. Would one of you post your link? I can't seem to get in via www.overstock.com.

    As far as I know, they're legit.
  7. Lori, your spy was fake? Ugh, I bought a BBag from them - I hope its authentic :O
  8. Hey dusty paws, I just bought a BBag from them too. How can I tell it's authentic.