What's up with only shipping in...

  1. OK, so in my auctions on eBay, I ship everywhere. no problem. Overseas can send me paypal, MO, WU, whatever. money is money and my job is to please the customer and make sales.

    so- I found something I want really bad overseas. (its not the anis, i wish). anyhow- the seller will not ship to hawaii. She has insinuated that she won't even bend the the rules a little bit for me unless I am an ex-patriat living in America. no joke guys. anyone ever had to deal with this? I speak her language fluently... I could probably lie. :angel: and then send her a MO or something. she will not take paypal at all... *sigh* me want.
  2. Wow, do you think maybe she is an American hater? I could see her being concerned about it getting lost in transit and not wanting to take the risk, or something along those lines, but that she would sell to you if you are an ex-pat, but not otherwise?? That's just weird!

    I hope she relents and sells you the item!

    I wish you well,

  3. Well, I have often not wanted to ship internationally (altho. I have also often made exceptions if the person seems trustworthy, whatever that means) largely because on high end items, the protections for the seller are not in place to the same extent and I've been concerned about being scammed. There's several threads on TPF about this happening--in the Philippines, for example. I don't understand the Hawaii thing though--unless it's because shipping to Hawaii is so expensive--but it seems that could be adjusted for.
  4. i think she doesnt like americans... that was the feeling i got, she only wants to ship w/in her country. lots of UK sellers are like that too for some reason. frustrating, i'm just gonna skip it I think...
  5. If she had said, look I am uncomfortable with international shipping, or something like that, fine. But to say, well if you are an ex-pat, okay, but if not, no go. Well, in interest of solidarity (I am American by naturalization), may her item never sell! : )

    I wish you well,

  6. OMG .... mocean .... I'm soooo sorry :sad: ! I can't understand this seller ... if she don't like to ship overseas, she can list her Item for selling 'only' in her country, not 'worldwide'.
    I'm from Switzerland and I send my Items mostely overseas, every destinations - without any problems :yes: !
    If I can help you, please let me know :love:
  7. Oh no that's so annoying! If it's an item in the UK I can help you if you want? I'm off on Holiday on the 23rd so if it can arrive before then?
  8. Hi

    I'm speaking on this coming from the UK and I find that although I ship worldwide people ask me not to declare items correctly on customs slips and that causes a problem if things go missing as you can't claim back the correct amount. A lot of UK people struggle with this and a lot of US people want UK to lie for customs so it may be something like that.
  9. What is an ex-pat? Even though I don't understand what it means it comes across very rude and if she doesn't want to ship overseas she could have said it in a much nicer way.
  10. Good grief! Who wouldn't love to sell to our mocean, who's so sweet! Sounds like this person has some kind of agenda, and I agree with Tanja, if the question was no international shipping, there's a way to indicate that in a friendly way.
  11. ex-pat = ex-patriot, it means someone who lives in one country, but is from another. I am an an ex-patriot of South Africa, but now live in the United States. So basically, if this seller is in the UK, she would sell to mocean, if she were British, but she won't if she is American.

    I wish you well,

  12. hey guys!.... aw you guys rock. :heart: thanks for making me feel better! I'm a bit disappointed, but its OK... I should be squandering money on something that isnt anis anyhow... :girlsigh:

    I guess we meet all types though the internet, even not so nice ones. I've met soo many wonderful people though the internet, eBay and tPF that i forget that there must be a balance... oh well. it happens. :shrugs: thanks everyone for being in the lovely category! :love:
  13. i thought ex=pat is ex-patriac? yes, in your case it means that if you're not an american but live or works in america. the seller's so strange though :P