What's Up with NM - Problem

  1. So I ordered a Fendi bag that was on the NM site last night with 25% off (I believe it was after midnight but the 25% was still there) and it was cancelled right away - no charge to my credit card - the same bag was there this morning with no 25% off and no 40% off . I placed my order again for the higher amount and it went through - they even charged my credit card - although it does still say in process. The bag no longer shows up at all. If the order does go through - as I think it will since they charged my credit card this time - do you think they'll give it to me for the lower price - they really should - it seems unfair to cancel and sell it at the higher price - what do you think??
  2. I hope you get it for the lower price. You should say something if you don't, since it was their fault for not charging you in the first place. Hope it all goes well for you.