what's up with my auction?

  1. i've tried listing my cerf 3 times and it hasn't sold...
    i get lots of questions but no one buys?

    no one is allowed to post their auctions or eBay IDs, etc. . . it's considered advertising.

    any help would be greatly appreciated...:heart:
  2. I don't know--maybe because it is a lesser known bag. Maybe advertise it as the bag Jennifer Anniston wore in The Breakup and attach a picture--celebrity associations can be selling points
  3. A lot of the times it's all about the pictures. Buyers want to see a lot of huge, clear pictures in great lighting.
  4. Excellent suggestion!

    Attach a picture of Jen A wearing it... and it will sell for sure!
  5. The price is great, as everyone mentioned just enhance on the pictures.
  6. ah thanks for the suggestions! :smile:
    i have a second chance offer into a seller, so i'll see what happens...

    otherwise i'll try adding the jen pics...
    it's hard taking pics of it because it's the camel color, and the light/flash seems to reflect off it...
  7. try taking a photo in a bright room w/o the flash, I do this a lot:yes:

    Or I stand far away and zoom in on it so the flash isn't too close to the object.