What's up with monogram Pulp??

  1. When a Catwalk bag hit's the stores I'm used to seeing a number of new threads showcasing the very bags

    So whats up with Monogram Pulp I think I've seen maybe 3 threads and 1 TPF desperately waiting

    so whats going on aren't TPFers feeling the love, are the bags selling before we get our hands on them or they simply haven't arrived yet?
  2. I am totally feeling this bag, but the GM in yellow MMMMMMM

    no $ though!

    otherwise it would be mine
  3. I like it but its way too expensive! :yes: I also don't think in 10 years it would be as stylish as it is now... :yes:
  4. the pulp is pretty but just not for me.... i also got a call from my SA last month regarding one of the jokes bag since they had it at the store but i passed up the offer.
  5. I don't know Claire!!!!!!!! NO call yet! It's getting ridiculous to me actually.....The Bon Bon's are due the 15th someone said? I think...Maybe my Pulp will come in with that shipment? I have no clue - but I am going to give yet another call in a few days...

    I understand them traveling through storms in the south a reason for some..SOME of a delay prehaps, but cmon....it's literally alomst 2 weeks now =/ I'm never a complainer but this is killing me, lol. Where isss ittt!? :search:

    I have my card ready w/ my SA to charge it the second it arrives, as well as any other s/s le's that come in. I guess I just have to wait some more...but it's SO hard.

    Every night before bed, I turn around to Andrew and go - guess what baby? and he goes, "yes"? and I go "I'm never going to get my Richard Prince Pulp". It's kinda becoming a running joke at this point...


    *keeps waiting*

  6. I like it but its too much like on of those Puma bags. The shape and the material is very puma gym bag to me. Don't shoot, it's just an opinion, lol. They have a few in the 5th Avenue store in NYC, if you all are interested.
  7. I saw most of the RP bags last week. Sorry, but none of them were calling my name, but that's just because they don't suit my style. I know they'll look great on others. I saw the yellow Pulp in PM and GM at the Mother and Daughter event and nobody bought them! I was really surprised at that. The shop was also overflowing with all the hearts and cosmetic pouches and they hardly sold either!:shrugs: So strange.
  8. i don't care much for the print and style. i think the jokes and watercolor lines are the ones people are going to go nuts for this season.
  9. I actually like the Monogram Pulp, particularly the yellow one, but I can't see myself really wearing it for any great length of time. It's a gorgeous bag from the pictures.
  10. I like it, but it's not my style.
  11. look very cheap, esp for 3,000 you can almost get the exoctic watercolor speedy or for alittle more a mirage griet...its also extremely casual, you woudlnt see someone all dressed nice for work or out to a nice dinner carrying that...its trendy but will not be classic..
  12. sorry, no likey...

    not just the price, cuz even if it were 1000$, I still wouldn't buy it. Just don't like it...

    Nothing against those who own/love it, hey congrats! lol
  13. Just not feeling this bag, it's pricetag is beyond me and it just doesn't have the *lasting power* I look for in a bag !
  14. I am just a fan of them ... no offence to people who purchased them .. My SA was shocked as it is the first year I have not waitlisted for a s/s show piece:yes:
  15. Well, I guess this is good for me, cause if my store never gets them...they aren't flying out of other stores cause a good majority of people don't like them/aren't buying them!!!! Good news for me if it comes to me having to go to another boutique for one eventually, LOL! yay =)