What's Up With MetroPark?

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  1. I know their stuff is authentic because I've ordered from them before but I was just wondering why Metroparkusa.com doesn't use the correct names? Like a Pirata Gioco is called a "Pirate Satchel", a Spiaggia Canguro is called a "Hula Waistpack", and an Adios Star Zucca is called the "Stars Round Tote". Does anyone know why they do that?

    Maybe I'm just overprotective...but I cringe every time I read it. :Push:
  2. okay this is just a guess but.... according to the Lesportsac website, no one except LeSportSac is supposed to sell the bags directly online. I think this is why Pulse had to take their bags off their online store. By renaming the bags, maybe Metropark is hoping that searches by Lesportsac won't find them?

    I'm guessing the big department stores like Nordstroms and Macy's have some kind of an exemption to the policy.

    Here is the policy, pertinent pars put in bold by me):


    LeSportsac merchandise is offered for sale ONLY through the following channels of distribution:

    (1) LeSportsac retail stores,
    (2) LeSportsac catalog,
    (3) authorized distributors,
    (4) authorized department stores,
    (5) authorized specialty stores and catalogues,
    (6) authorized duty free locations, and
    (7) on the internet EXCLUSIVELY at lesportsac.com.

    LeSportsac DOES NOT authorize the distribution of its merchandise through individuals, street vendors, unauthorized retail locations,
    or any website other than lesportsac.com. (For a list of authorized distributors, please see our online store locator).
  3. I see...well that makes sense. Thanks!
  4. Very Clever of them to change the name around so people can still order them!
  5. metropark's stuff is authentic. they sell a lot of toki shirts and clothing, too. not sure why they have to change the name online but i've been to the actual store and they have lots of toki bags right now. and since people don't usually shop for toki bags there, they usually have more choices, in my opinion.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't questioning their authenticity cuz I have several shirts from them. I just thought it was odd that they didn't have the right names on them.
  7. my bad. i read it wrong and thought you were asking if it was authentic or not. it's weird that they don't have the real names. azaleaonline.com uses the real names. weird.