Whats up with Karen Kooper

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  1. I remember reading on this forum that Karen Kooper was a scam artist. Now I noticed she has an ad on this forum. Can anyone clarify this for me?
  2. Where is the ad? I haven't seen it?
  3. ^I've seen the Karen Kooper ad show up a few times. I think it's one of the rotating Google ads.
  4. what? seriously? there's an ad ON HERE for karen kooper? that's wrong, so so so wrong.
  5. why is she a scam? I thought she sells authentic LV things?
  6. What's the problem with a Karen Kooper ad? Did I miss something?
  7. You should contact Vlad and let him know about it. I'm pretty sure he & Megs can block certain ads from appearing on the site. They just might not be aware of the ad yet!
  8. ^ITA.

    I got the impression it was one of those things Google slipped in that hadn't gotten caught yet by M & V.
  9. There was a thread about it in the LV section, it has been removed I think since I can´t find it now. The items were authentic but it turns out there is no Karen Kooper but 2 guys behind the site. And they got nasty with a certain member from this board, identity theft issue.
  10. I waw the ad on PF within the last 10 minutes
  11. There is also an add for I think it is business.com this leads to an auction site for fake bags.
  12. Thank you, thats all I wanted to know, I didnt feel I needed to contact the moderators, nor was I starting trouble as another member who closed this thread implied. Thanks again
  13. Sorry, what's the issue with KK? I used to be a good client of hers. She NEVER sold me an unauthentic item. NEVER. And her eBay ID is still impeccable. Out of 1442 feedbacks she is 100% Positive with no neutrals and no negatives. Her clientele is very huge. What's the problem with Karen Kooper?

    Karen Kooper
  14. Baggs, apparently there was an issue between KK and one of the members of tPF. However, that issue had nothing to do with authenticity of KK's items. I really don't see the point of this tread, esp. in Hermes sub forum.
  15. kk is not a woman it's a mother and son. i don't know how much i can say about it but there is a huge issue with them and a member. they also created mulitple ids on this forum that they used to promote themselves and their business. very bad people. very bad.
Thread Status:
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